Shirtless Xander in a kilt on Days of Our Lives
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When Chloe arrives at Basic Black, she tells Nicole that Brady is working from home because of her. She explains old feelings are coming back for her and worries “Susan” told him. Chloe thinks she should just respect Brady’s feelings for Kristen, but Nicole counters that’s the last thing she should do. This is Chloe’s chance to make Brady happier than Kristen ever could. Nicole urges Chloe to tell Brady how she feels. Chloe’s not sure she can be hurt again and leaves to get some work done. Nicole takes a minute to think and then smiles to herself.

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Nicole and Chloe talk at Basic Black

At John and Marlena’s, “Susan” tells Brady she and Rachel made muffins before he even got up. She knows how much Rachel misses her mother and assumes Brady does too. She’s glad he took her advice to put distance between him and Chloe, considering he’s in love with Kristen. “Susan” asks if that’s still the case. Brady says he loves Kristen, but he feels a real distance between them. He tells her about his recent visit with “Kristen” and assumes she doesn’t feel their connection anymore either. “Susan” forcefully pleads “Kristen’s” case. Just as she’s is about to confess something, Nicole calls to summon Brady to the office, leaving Kristen enraged.

Back at Basic Black, Nicole tells Chloe Brady is coming there so she can tell him she loves him. Nicole toddles off leaving an exasperated Chloe. As Chloe’s about to leave herself, she runs into Brady.

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Brady and Susan talk on Days of Our Lives

Sami jumps as Lucas justles her awake in bed. “Oh my God!” she exclaims. “What have we done?” Lucas apologizes for taking advantage of her while she was vulnerable. She says he doesn’t owe her an apology. He was very sweet to her when she was lonely. It felt good to have his arms around her. Sami can’t believe she cheated on her husband though and falls into Lucas’s arms in tears. Still, no one can know about their night together. She doesn’t know what EJ would do if he found out. She loves him and wants her marriage to work. Despite what she said last night, Sami will go home and make her marriage work. Lucas promises not to say anything but reminds her “Susan” let him in last night. Sami panics and orders Lucas to get dressed.

Sami rushes Lucas out the front door. After he’s gone, “Susan” appears. “Mind telling me what that was all about,” she asks.

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Eli and Lani get cozy on the couch on Days of Our Lives

Eli and Lani kiss on the couch while the twins sleep. There’s a rapid knock on the door, which Eli recognizes as Paulina’s. Lani’s aunt bursts through the doorway wondering if they know where Chanel is. She didn’t come home last night and she’s worried she’s sleeping in the streets. Eli’s pretty sure that’s not where she is, suggesting she’s with a guy. Paulina shoots him a glare. Is he calling her daughter a tramp? Eli insists that’s not what he meant. Lani suggests she could be with Theo. She calls her brother, but he doesn’t know where she is. Next, Eli calls headquarters to check the Horton Square video footage. Paulina asks Lani to spend time with Chanel when they do find her. She needs a good influence. Eli returns to tell Paulina the footage shows Chanel heading into the Salem Inn with a man. Paulina follows Eli out.

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Paulina looks concerned talking to Eli and Lani on Days of Our Lives

Xander wakes up to Chanel in his bed. He can’t remember much about the night before and asks if they hooked up. She says she comforted him as he cried on her shoulder about Sarah. She promised to help him get over her. Xander gets out of bed to get aspirin and discovers he’s wearing his kilt.

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Chanel flashes a smile at Xander in bed on Days of Our Lives

After Xander takes a shower, he wonders why he put on his wedding kilt. Chanel holds out her left hand to show him the ring on her finger. He shouts, “That’s Sarah’s engagement ring. Why do you have it?” She giggles and says he gave it to her. Looking sad, Xander tells her to keep it. She can sell it if she wants. Chanel wouldn’t sell it after he proposed to her with it. Xander thinks it was the liquor talking, but she says he was still able to say his vows. Xander’s face falls as she exclaims they’re married! She explains he thought marrying her would help him get over Sarah. Kind of like revenge sex, but only worse. She even shows him the marriage license that he spent a lot of money to get. Xander tells her whatever they did last night, they have to undo.

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Chanel shows off her ring to Xander in a towel on Days of Our Lives

Eli and Paulina knock on the Salem Inn door the clerk pointed them to. They’re surprised when Xander opens it.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chanel shares her shocking news.

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