Abigail horrified after Gwen gets sick on Days of Our Lives
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Allie has dinner with Kate and Philip at Brady’s Pub. They discuss both Allie and Sami getting cleared for Charlie’s murder. Philip asks Allie if she’s glad Charlie is dead. Of course not, she says. He then wonders if she’d be happy to see whoever shot him go to prison. She abruptly leaves to take care of her son. Philip wonders if it was something he said.

Ava blows into Nicole’s place, upset that Rafe won’t drop Charlie’s murder investigation. She forcefully reminds Nicole Rafe can never find out what Tripp did. Nicole doesn’t feel comfortable lying to Rafe. Ava declares she’ll confess to the murder herself if Nicole can’t promise to keep quiet. Nicole promises.

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Ava and Nicole argue on Days of Our Lives

Allie returns home after Ava has left. Allie tells Nicole she thinks Tripp killed Charlie. She can’t accuse him of another crime he didn’t commit though. She won’t say anything to anyone else until she has all the facts. Nicole tells her to get them because it would be better for Tripp to just come clean.

Gabi enters Rafe’s kitchen as he works on the murder case. Gabi says Ava did it. There’s no doubt in her mind because she saw Ava slip out the backdoor the night Charlie was killed.

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Nicole explains to Allie on Days of Our Lives

After Gabi has sauntered off, Ava returns home. She plans to make dinner for Rafe, but he just wants to know why she lied to him about the night of the murder. Ava says she left that night because she couldn’t sleep. Rafe asks where she went, demanding she not lie to him again. She admits she went to Charlie’s apartment. Rafe asks if she killed him. Ava insists she didn’t and walks him through what happened, leaving out the part about Tripp. Rafe takes her hand. He’s sorry she had to watch her son die. She says it’s nothing compared to the pain Charlie felt his whole life. She beats herself up again for not loving Charlie like she loved Tripp. He wonders why she didn’t tell him Charlie was dead. She just says she was upset. Rafe thinks there’s something she’s not telling him.

Gabi walks into the Pub, interrupting Kate and Philip. She gets dessert and sits with them because she has Gabi Chic business to discuss with Philip. She puts her hands all over him to annoy Kate, which works. Philip smirks and kisses Gabi, as Jake arrives. He tells Kate they didn’t get the lease in the Square. The landlord is already negotiating with someone else. Kate correctly assumes it’s Paulina. Gabi gloats and then suggests Philip take her home to see where the night takes them.

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Gwen throws up on Abigail on Days of Our Lives

Gwen arrives at the Horton House to talk with Jack and a reluctant Abigail. Jack suggests they jump right in and prompts Gwen to start. After listing her many wrongdoings, Gwen apologizes. She deeply regrets everything she’s done. Abigail calls Gwen a pathological liar. Why would she believe anything she says? After Jack prompts her, Abby passive-aggressively gives her own “apologies,” while laying all the blame on Gwen. However, she does know trying to drug Gwen was wrong. Jack knows they have a long way to go, but this is a big first step. Gwen holds out her hand to shake, but Abigail just looks at it.

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Jack checks on Gwen on Days of Our Lives

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Jack urges Abigail to end this feud for her family’s sake. So she doesn’t become consumed by rage. First, Abigail needs Gwen to swear that what happened to Laura was an accident. Gwen pauses. She has trouble getting any words out and throws up on Abigail’s legs. Abigail is disgusted and accuses Gwen of puking on demand. Abigail storms out. Gwen promises Jack it wasn’t a stunt. Jack believes her and goes to get her some ginger ale. When Jack returns, he says it could have been something she ate. Gwen says, “Or maybe I’m pregnant.”

Once home, Abigail tells Chad what happened with Gwen. She won’t make peace with her. Not now. Not ever.

Next on Days of Our Lives: a new prime suspect emerges in Charlie’s murder and Sami confides in Lucas.

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