Claire hugs Ben at the hospital on Days of Our Lives
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Chad and Abigail return home after therapy. Abigail thinks talking about Gwen really helped, but then launches into a tirade. Jack calls. He needs to talk to Abigail. After she’s gone, Gwen appears. She tells Chad Jack summoned Abigail because he knows what Abby did to her. Chad assumes she’s trying to get Jack to disown Abigail. Gwen knows that would never happen, especially after everything she’s done. Chad thinks she sounds remorseful, wondering with her angle is. Gwen insists she doesn’t have one. She just wants a relationship with her father and to learn to peacefully co-exist with Abigail.

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Chad listens to Gwen on Days of Our Lives

However, Gwen is really there to talk about the two of them. Gwen apologizes for using him to get back at Abigail. She knows he didn’t deserve what she did to him and begs for his forgiveness. Chad accepts her apology. She hopes Abigail can do the same. Chad doesn’t know if she’s there yet or if she will ever be.

Abigail meets with Jack at the Horton House. He knows she kidnapped Gwen and tried to inject her with Rolf’s drug. Abigail defends herself ranting about Gwen’s evil deeds. Jack wants to help her heal and to make peace with Gwen. He’s not asking her to be close be with Gwen or to even forgive her, but Gwen is willing to extend an olive branch. Can she do the same? Abby reminds him of Laura’s death, but Jack maintains it was probably an accident. They’ll never truly know unless Gwen says otherwise. He urges her to accept that and move on. Jack compares her situation with Gwen to his with Steve, who Jack hated, but now they’re best friends. He just wants Abigail to try.

Later, Jack calls Gwen. Abigail has agreed to try and work things out. Can she come over?

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Abigail is defiant while talking with Jack on Days of Our Lives

At Julie’s Place, Theo tells Julie his ex-girlfriend is Paulina’s daughter. He then asks if she heard anything about Ciara’s hypnosis. Julie hasn’t, but hopes it works. Theo says he does too, but Julie wonders if that’s true. He knows if she does get her memories back, a lot of them won’t be good.

In the park, Chanel dismisses a drunk Xander until he introduces himself as a Kiriakis. He offers her his bottle of booze, which she warily takes and sniffs. He asks if she’s going to drink it. She says she’s particular about hygiene and would like a glass with some ice. He says they can get that in his room at the Salem Inn.

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Xander lets Chanel in his room, which is a mess. She picks his kilt off the floor assuming it’s a woman’s skirt. Xander grabs it telling her it’s the kilt he was supposed to wear on his wedding day. Chanel asks if he wants to talk about it, but Xander just wants another drink. She thinks he should slow down a bit, but Xander downs a bottle from the minibar. While trying to urge him to at least take a break, Chanel compares their situations. Xander isn’t impressed by her getting cut off and gives her his wallet. “Problem solved,” he says. She smirks. Xander tells Chanel to call room service for another bottle and heads to the bathroom. Chanel riffles through his wallet and finds his Titan CEO ID card. She thinks her financial problems may be over.

Ciara gets riled up in her hospital room upon learning Claire tried to set her on fire. Marlena tries to calm her down, but Ciara jumps out of bed.

Ben looks gutted while talking to Ciara at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Ciara rushes out to the lobby to find Claire consoling a distraught Ben. She says, “Isn’t that perfect. The two psycho killers in each other’s arms.” Ciara accuses Claire of trying to incinerate her. Claire tries to defend herself, but only make things worse when she lets slip she started more than one fire. Ben moves in to touch Ciara as she cries, but she freaks out. He backs off asking if she remembers anything about him. She spits, “No. Not a single thing.” Claire implores Ciara to at least not hate Ben. To try to remember him. Ciara says she hates the both of them and runs off. Marlena follows, leaving Ben and Claire in shambles.

Back in Ciara’s hospital room, Marlena apologizes for not preparing her better. Ciara begs Marlena not to make her undergo hypnosis again. Marlena won’t… not for a while. Ciara asks to use her phone.

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Claire pleads her case to Ciara at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Marlena returns to Ben and Claire, who just saw Theo arrive for Ciara. Ben leaves to get some air. Claire cries to her grandmother. She wonders how she’ll get Ciara to forgive her again.

Theo holds Ciara in her hospital bed as she cries. Ben peeks his head in and hears Ciara say she never wants to hear anything about Ben Weston again.

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Theo holds Ciara in her hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gabi knows who killed Charlie, and Ava makes a confession.

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