Xander extends a bottle of booze to someone in the park on Days of Our Lives
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At the Salem Inn, Chanel finds her mother looking over her room service delivery. When she reaches to help herself, Paulina slaps her hand away. The food is for her business meeting. Paulina orders her daughter to make herself scarce. Maybe go look for a job. Chanel doesn’t even know what she’s qualified to do. Paulina knows she smart enough to figure out how to earn a living.

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Room service arrives for Chanel and Paulina on Days of Our Lives

Lani looks at Paulina’s blank check at home. Eli sits with her as she bemoans having to give it back to her aunt. Eli knows they decided to return it, but thinks they should reconsider because it’s for their kids’ college education. He knows they won’t be able to afford it when the time comes. He wonders why she’s so against it. Lani recounts how her mother always sent Aunt Paulina’s extravagant gifts back not wanting Paulina to undermine her authority. Eli counters this isn’t a pony, it’s a better future for their kids. Lani worries she’ll want something in return for her generosity, but Eli downplays her concern.

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Ben and Marlena discuss Ciara's hypnosis on Days of Our Lives

Outside Marlena’s door, Ben beams over Ciara agreeing to hypnosis. Marlena warns there’s no guarantee Ciara will remember him. Ben knows, but he has faith in Dr. Evans. She invites him to come to the hospital to wait outside Ciara’s session.

Claire and Theo marvel over Ciara being alive while eating at the Horton Square Bistro. Claire wonders if he still has feelings for Ciara. He insists he doesn’t, pointing out he just broke up with someone, who happens to be in town. Ben calls Claire about Ciara, as Claire’s about to tell Theo about her run-in with “this crazy girl.” She runs off to meet Ben as Theo thinks about Ciara.

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Chanel finds Theo eating in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Chanel taps Theo’s shoulder, as Abe walks through the Square. Theo introduces his father to his ex before Abe continues on to a meeting. Chanel sits with Theo and learns he’s planning to go back to South Africa soon. She flashes back to her conversation with her mother about getting a job and suggests she go with him… and that they live together. He wonders what her angle is. She plays innocent, but he’s not buying it. Lani and Eli walk by, surprised to see them together. Lani explains how they all connected and that Paulina cut Chanel off financially. Theo assumes that’s why she wants to move with him and storms off. Chanel yells at Lani and makes her own exit.

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Paulina and Abe eye each other on Paulina's couch on Days of Our Lives

Abe joins Paulina in her room for their meeting. She has a pitch for the town square. She wants to buy several of the buildings to create an indoor marketplace filled with women, LGBTQ, and BIPOC owners. She thinks they could make it a model for other towns. Since the Square isn’t zoned for this type of thing she needs the mayor to sign off on it. Abe can’t make any promises, but he thinks he can pass her project through. He reaches his hand out to shake on it, but Paulina is a firm believer in mixing business with pleasure. She moves in close to a receptive Abe until Lani and Eli knock on the door. Abe eyes Paulina and says he’ll be in touch before leaving. After he’s gone, Lani and Eli accept Paulina’s offer to pay for their kids’ college. Paulina pulls them into a huge hug.

At Julie’s Place, Jack gets filled in about Paulina and the twins’ christening from Julie. He in turn tells her about Sarah dumping Xander before the wedding. She wonders how Xander took it, as the jilted groom stumbles in. He orders a double scotch, but Julie thinks he’s had more than enough. When Xander tries to help himself, Jack intervenes and leads him out.

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A drunk Xander talks to Julie at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Jack helps Xander walk through the park. They sit on the bench as Xander wallows over Sarah. Xander pulls out a bottle of scotch he stole from Julie’s Place. Jack wants him to take it back, but Xander clings to it. He tells Jack to leave him alone if he won’t drink with him.

Later Chanel encounters Xander lying on the bench in the park. She says she’s having one of those days. He invites her to join the club because misery loves company.

Xander offers Chanel a bottle of booze in the park on Days of Our Lives

Claire excitedly meets with Ben in the hospital lobby as Marlena hypnotizes Ciara in her room. Marlena takes Ciara back to her motorcycle accident. Ciara remembers waking up in the cabin and starts breathing heavily. She’s alone, but sees fire all around her. Marlena brings her back to the present when Ciara gets too upset. Ciara assumes Ben tried to burn her in a fire. Marlena assures her it wasn’t Ben… but someone else. Ciara begs Marlena to tell her who set the fire. Marlena reluctantly says it was Claire.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gwen apologizes to Chad and Claire faces Ciara’s wrath.

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