Sami's exasperated with Rafe at the SPD on Days of Our Lives
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In the hospital lobby, Shawn tells Belle he’s looking forward to arresting Jan for kidnapping her. Dr. Snyder (played by Michael Lowry) walks up to tell them Jan is awake and alert. Shawn flashes his badge. He needs to talk to her. Dr. Snyder allows it and Belle insists on going in with Shawn.

Shawn and Belle talk with Jan's doctor on Days of Our Lives

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When Shawn and Belle meet with Jan, she asks how their wedding was. Do they have pictures? Belle wonders what the hell she’s trying to pull. Jan is only trying to catch up. She doesn’t even know how long she’s been in the hospital. They tell her about attacking Belle and crashing their wedding, but Jan has no idea what they’re talking about. After more back and forth, Jan admits she remembers John strangling her. So, if she goes down, John’s going down with her.

Shawn and Belle visit Jan in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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At home, Marlena tells John about Jan waking up. John gets riled up thinking about what she did to Belle. He remembers strangling her so he could watch her sick smile die. Marlena tries to calm him down, but he moves on to ranting about Charlie. He remembers going to see Charlie the night he was killed. He wanted to give him hell for what he did to Allie and Claire. Marlena thinks it’s a good thing he blackout before he went inside. John isn’t so sure he didn’t go inside. He remembers hearing a gunshot.

John and Marlena look worried talking at home on Days of Our Lives

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Nicole enters Rafe’s kitchen as Tripp is about to tell Ava something about the night Charlie was killed. Tripp leaves to check on Allie and Henry. Once he’s gone, Nicole gives Ava the Italian cookies she likes so much. Ava dismisses them. Nicole knows she owes her an apology for accusing her of murdering her own son. Ava admits she did go see Charlie the night he was killed. She found him lying on the floor, shot when she entered his apartment. Ava tearfully says he was still alive. She recounts how she cradled him in her lap as he told her he loved her. He begged her to say it back. She said, “Of course I love you,” just as he died. Nicole holds her as she cries. Ava says she didn’t tell anyone what happened because she saw Tripp leaving Charlie’s apartment before she got there.

Ava serves Tripp coffee while having a serious conversation on Days of Our Lives

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Tripp comes to Allie’s apartment. She relays the bad news that Sami is still being charged with murder. She then vents her frustrations about not being able to soothe a teething Henry. Tripp assures her she’s a good mom. She can’t believe how nice he’s being after what she did. Tripp insists everything they’ve been through is Charlie’s fault, but expresses guilt for experiencing a familial love his brother never did.

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In the interrogation room, Rafe tells Sami Trask isn’t letting go of the murder charge against her. Sami orders Rafe to figure out who really killed Charlie then. He reminds her he is working on it, but his hands are tied with Trask looking over his shoulder. Sami’s scared. Rafe thinks she should be, but he is determined to prove she didn’t do it. Sami thanks her ex for everything he’s done for her and Allie. He opens the case file to go over the evidence. He realizes Charlie’s time of death occurred while she was on her flight over from Rome. The charges against Sami are dropped. She is free to go. Sami runs into Rafe’s arms to thank him.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben could push Ciara further away and Shawn and Belle process Jan’s threat.

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