April Fool's Day 2021 Days of Our Lives

Xander, dressed as a priest, walks up to Chloe, dressed as Ghoul Girl, in the Square. She explains Ghoul Girl is her pop star persona. Before Xander can explain his getup, Bonnie walks up dressed as a nun. Xander tells “Sister Bonnie” they have important work to take care of and they head to the Salem Inn.

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In their room, Xander asks Bonnie to confess her sins. She does have some things to get off her chest, or, more to the point, his chest. She rips off his shirt and they make out. Later, Xander says he’s getting tired of this role-playing scenario, but Bonnie urges him to do what mama likes. He smirks and they go at it again. He pulls back though, wanting to just be themselves. She isn’t interested, but he reminds her how she healed his broken heart after Sarah left him. He just wants some variety. They switch outfits, but it’s not exactly what Xander had in mind.

Shirtless Xander with Bonnie dressed as a nun on Days of Our Lives

Sami approaches John who is strapped down in preparation for his execution. She holds up a syringe and says he needs an executioner. She applied for the job the second he landed on death row. He’s there for strangling Marlena to death, but John insists he doesn’t remember what happened.

Belle comes home to Philip. They promptly canoodle until Claire appears, interrupting them. Belle tells them she is hopeful after her meeting with the governor about a stay of execution for John. Belle leaves to see her father as Philip offers to make breakfast for Claire, who they’ve recently learned is his daughter. He asks how the tour went with Chloe. She complains about being her assistant. Chloe promised to let her sing on her next album but she keeps blowing her off. She asks him to pull some strings considering he’s her producer.

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Philip, Belle and Claire happy family on April Fools' Day Days of Our Lives

Chloe enters and Claire nervously asks about booking studio time with her. Chloe asks her to get her a tea from the Square first. Claire runs out leaving Chloe to hit on Philip. He backs away reminding Chloe he’s married. Chloe just wants the passion they shared in high school again. He does too and kisses her.

Belle enters the execution area as the governor calls her, denying John’s stay. John knew he should have hired Carrie. As Sami is about to inject John, Marlena races up to the glass. The person he killed was Hattie Adams who was trying to take over her life… again. Sami points out John still killed a woman, but John says it was just Hattie Adams. Sami shrugs and frees John. Disappointed she couldn’t kill John, Sami stabs Belle with the syringe instead.

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Sami attacks Belle on April Fools' Days on Days of Our Lives

Jan wakes up to Shawn in the hospital. He tells her she’s been in a coma for a year. He needs to take her statement about the incident that led up to it. She tells him John Black went nuts at their wedding and attacked her. He relays that John’s fate has already been sealed and that he and Belle are no longer together. Jan thinks he deserves better and reminds him of the crazy things she did to him in the past in the name of love. She touches his hand, causing him to leap up. She begs him to stay longer.

Claire arrives to see Jan. Her dad, erm… Shawn leaves them alone. Claire needs Jan’s advice on Chloe. Jan suggests she pull an All About Eve. After Claire leaves, Shawn returns dressed in his high school baseball uniform. He says she was right. No one has ever loved him the way she did. He has feelings for her and it’s time they give it a try. He pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Jan cuffs Shawn to the bed and straddles him.

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Claire returns to the penthouse, interrupting Philip and Chloe. She gives Chloe coffee which kills her. Claire changes into her own Ghoul Girl get up. Philip says he’ll make her a star.

Steve helps Kayla give birth on April Fools' Day Days of Our Lives

Steve ribs a pregnant Kayla who scarfs down food at the Pub. Despite her carrying Stefano’s essence, she couldn’t bring herself to terminate the pregnancy. Her water breaks and tells Steve little Stefano is about to be born. After Kayla gives birth she remarks none of their other children were born with a goatee. Steve leaves to get some formula and a bottle. When he returns, Kayla tells him the baby turned into a toddler and ran off. They need to find him before he hits his prime.

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Kayla and Steve rush into the DiMera mansion looking for little Stefano. They wonder where he could be as they look at Stefano’s portrait. They face the camera and shout, “April Fools!”

In present-day Salem, Shawn meets Belle at the hospital. She tells him Jan is waking up from her coma, as Jan’s eyes open.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Marlena worries about Jan’s return and Ava makes a confession.

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