Ben confronts Theo on Days of Our Lives
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Belle reads an online article at home about Sami confessing to Charlie’s murder. Claire comes home with a champagne hangover and tells her mother about her run-in with Chanel. She then laments Ciara hating her again.

Paulina returns to her Salem Inn room to find Chanel drinking champagne and eating like a queen. When Chanel says she charged everything to her mother’s room, Paulina quips it must be her food, then. She reminds her daughter she’s been cut off and that it’s time for her to make her own way. Paulina points out how hard she worked to earn what she has. Chanel counters that meant she was raised by nannies. Paulina knows she could have been a more hands-on mother and explain the value of money better. That needs to change, which means she needs a job. Chanel leaves.

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Near the elevators at the hospital, Ben tells Theo Marlena agreed to work with Ciara to get her memory back. They sit in the lobby as Theo explains right now Ciara can’t imagine loving a serial killer. Ben reminds him he’s not that guy anymore and wonders if he tried sticking up for him. Theo admits he didn’t because he doesn’t know Ben. They debate the situation until Theo walks away to get Ciara ice cream.

Marlena talks to Ciara about Ben in her hospital room. She explains how hard he worked to change and how much they loved each other. Ciara remains skeptical, leading Marlena to ask if she wants to remember everything.

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Marlena talks with Ciara in her hospital room on Days of Our Lives

Marlena meets with Ben in the lobby and tells him Ciara’s not onboard with hypnosis yet. She suggests they give her time and space. For now, he shouldn’t visit her. She’s not giving up on Ciara though and knows he won’t either. After Ben walks away, Marlena sees Belle who came to see Ciara. Marlena fills Belle in on the real reason for Sami’s confession, which means the killer is still out there.

Belle sits with Ciara and pleads Claire’s case. Ciara hopes she can remember how much she and Claire meant to each other. Belle suggests hypnosis could help with that. She hugs her sister-in-law and tells her how happy she is to have her back. After Belle leaves, Ciara looks at her wedding photo.

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Ben appeals to Marlena at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Theo bumps into Chanel in the Square. He asks why she’s there. Did she come to Salem looking for him? Chanel thought he was still in Johannesburg and tells him she has family there. They talk about their breakup and Chanel says she misses him. She asks him to take her to dinner to catch up. Theo tells her he has to get the ice cream he’s carrying to his friend and leaves.

A pouty Chanel returns to her mother, who asks what’s wrong. Chanel doesn’t open up, so Paulina offers her the rest of the food, which perks Chanel up.

Theo returns to Ciara with her ice cream. He says he ran into a friend, but doesn’t say it was his ex-girlfriend.

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Theo and Ciara share a funny moment on Days of Our Lives

Ben stops by Claire’s place and admits he probably made things worse by visiting Ciara. Claire knows she’ll come around and thinks hypnosis is a great idea. Ben can’t handle seeing the look of hate in Ciara’s eyes. She has to remember him. Claire grabs his hand.

When Brady returns to John and Marlena’s, he overhears “Susan” say on the phone that she doesn’t want him to learn her secret. Brady asks what she’s keeping from him. “Susan” stammers a bit and then tells him Chloe has feelings for him. Brady suggests he talk to her, but “Susan” thinks she’ll be mortified to discover he knows. “Susan” suggests he give Chloe space instead. Chloe appears.

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Brady watches Kristen as she impersonates Susan on Days of Our Lives

After dinner, “Susan” tells Chloe she should help John with the dishes. Brady asks her to do it instead so he and Chloe can talk. “Susan” reluctantly leaves. Chloe asks about Brady’s visit with “Kristen.” He tells her about Vivian and “Kristen” looking out for each other and that “Kristen” wants him to stay away from her. Chloe puts her hand on his knee as she offers to help him in any way. Brady stands up. He needs to check on Rachel. He tells her he’ll be working from home tomorrow so he won’t see her in the office. Chloe looks taken aback. Kristen returns to watch as Brady ushers her out. Brady thinks Chloe looked hurt, but “Susan” knows she’ll get over it.

Chloe puts her hand on Brady's knee on Days of Our Lives

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