Gabi tends to Philip's split lip on Days of Our Lives
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Theo and Ciara have fun watching cartoons together in her hospital room. He notices she’s feeling better, but she still can’t understand how she could have fallen in love with Ben. She looks at their wedding photo wondering if there was something seriously wrong with her. Theo wasn’t around when she fell in love with Ben, but recalls her having doubts about him when she visited him in South Africa. He hoped she would have stayed there with him, but she returned to Ben. She wonders why he didn’t stop her. Theo reminds her no one stops her when she sets her mind to something and she was crazy in love with Ben. She says the only thing she feels for him now is complete disgust. Theo brings up Claire, but Ciara only remembers her niece hurting her. After more talk about Ben, she wants to get back to their cartoons. Before they do, Theo tells her how glad he is she remembers him. She is too.

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Ciara and Theo watch TV from her hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

Marlena meets Ben in her office at the hospital. He’s hoping Dr. Evans can help him get Ciara to remember him. Marlena suggests he give it time because the amnesia could be temporary. Ben can’t wait and asks about using Rolf’s drug. Marlena thinks it’s too dangerous. Ben agrees and asks her to hypnotize Ciara instead. Marlena reluctantly agrees to talk to her about it.

When Marlena comes to see Ciara, Theo leaves to get her ice cream. He runs into Ben.

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Ben is distraught talking about Ciara on Days of Our Lives

Jake and Kate find Gabi tending to Philip’s bloody lip in the DiMera living room. Kate tells her son to put on his shirt and asks Gabi what she did to him. Philip stands and explains that Xander hit him, but he’s fine. Kate retorts there’s nothing fine about him getting half-naked with Gabi straddling him. After the women snipe at each other about business, Jake suggests he and Kate leave. Gabi suggests they all have dinner together instead. Kate protests at first, but then thinks it’s a good idea. She asks Philip to help her pick out the wine.

Alone, Jake questions Gabi about moving on with Philip. Gabi calls him jealous, but Jake scoffs. He tells her in this war of hers, he and Kate will have the last laugh.

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In the foyer, Kate rails at Philip for getting in involved with Gabi. Philip insists he’s not. Kate warns Gabi is only going after him to get back at her. Philip reminds his mother he’s a grown man who can make his own decisions.

Later, Kate, Jake, Gabi, and Philip toast to the competition between Basic Black and Gabi Chic… and to whoever comes out on top. Kate eyes Philip and Gabi as she sips her wine.

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At John and Marlena’s, “Susan” panics when Chloe tells her Brady is visiting “Kristen” in prison. “Susan” badgers Chloe into helping John in the kitchen and then calls Vivian. Kristen says she needs her help, but Vivian wonders if she’s done anything to break up Jake and Kate yet. Kristen promises to keep her end of the bargain and orders her to make sure Susan plays her part with Brady.

Vivian talks on a cell phone from her cell on Days of Our Lives

Chloe returns with a charcuterie board to “Susan” who asks about Brady. Chloe admits she almost confessed her feelings to him, but she didn’t think it was appropriate considering he was going to visit Kristen. “Susan” wonders when she’s going to make her move. She firmly grips a knife as Chloe talks about how wonderful Brady is and how horrible Kristen is. She stabs the cheese when Chloe leaves to help John again.

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“Kristen” gets flustered when Brady comes to visit her in prison. Brady notes she’s a little jittery and asks if she’s okay. She stammers a bit, but covers. She brings up Chloe accusing her of having feelings for him. Brady denies it. He sees the license plate that reads “The King” Susan made for Roger. Brady pointedly asks, “Who’s The King?”

Brady visits Susan as Kristen on Days of Our Lives

Vivian’s arrival interrupts them. She tells Brady “Kristen” made that for him because he is the king of her heart. Brady’s confused, but calls it sweet. With Vivian’s prompting, “Kristen” tells Brady it’s too hard to see him, so he shouldn’t visit her anymore. Besides, it can’t be good for him either. Brady protests, but Vivian says “Kristen” has her to lean on. Brady questions “Kristen” who convinces him it’s what she needs. He agrees to give her some time.

After Brady’s left, Susan tells Vivian she isn’t sure how much longer she can keep up with the charade. When she flits off, Vivian says to herself that Susan might not have to wait long if Kristen doesn’t keep her word about breaking up Kate and Jake.

Brady returns to John and Marlena’s as Kristen grows frustrated over not being able to get a hold of Vivian.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kristen’s ready to confess to Brady.

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