Paulina lectures Chanel on Days of Our Lives
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After putting Henry down for a nap at home, Allie tells Nicole that Sami didn’t kill Charlie. She only confessed to protect her. Nicole says the real killer is still out there then. She flashes back to Ava talking about taking Charlie out and abruptly leaves.

Allie and Nicole have a tense conversation on Days of Our Lives

At the SPD, Lucas demands to know why Sami confessed to killing Charlie. Sami lays out Rafe’s evidence against Allie, but Lucas knows all about it. However, he declares Allie didn’t do it. She’s innocent. Sami thinks everything will be fine now. She’ll just unconfess.

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Rafe comes home to find Ava cooking lunch for him. She says that while she’s no longer in danger from Charlie, she still needs to stay with him. She’s broke and has nowhere to live. She promises she’ll get a job though. Rafe reiterates she can stay as long as she wants. Ava is appreciative and tells him to sit for lunch. Rafe gets a call from Lucas and tells Ava he has to get back to the station.

When Rafe arrives in the interrogation room, Sami and Lucas tell him everything they know about the night Charlie was killed. Sami explains she only confessed to cover for Allie, but since neither of them did it, all’s good. Rafe counters it sounds a bit concocted, but wishes they told them the truth from the beginning. He believes Sami, but the case is out of his hands. Sami is sorry to put him in the middle of this and agrees she should have trusted him. Rafe leaves to talk to the D.A., but Trask won’t budge on Sami’s murder charges.

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Nicole stops by to see Ava, who plates up the food she made for Rafe. As she eats, Nicole delicately says Sami didn’t kill Charlie and asks if she did. Ava flashes to going to Charlie’s apartment with black leather gloves on and opening the door. However, she declares she didn’t kill her son.

Chanel faces Eli and Lani on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Eli suggests Chanel pay the bill she tried to stick Claire with. Chanel says she can’t. When Eli asks why, she looks at Paulina and says, “Because of her.” She recounts how she learned her credit cards were canceled while shopping in Miami and then discovered her mother left for Salem. Paulina says she’ll take care of the champagne bill. Claire thanks Paulina, has words with Chanel, and storms off with Tripp.

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After Paulina pays the bill, Lani properly introduces Eli to Chanel, who hits on Eli. Paulina steps in to prevent her daughter from further embarrassing herself. Lani and Eli thank Paulina for her generous gift, causing Chanel to go off on her mother for cutting her off, but paying for the twins’ college. Paulina tells her daughter she’s had everything she could ever ask for since the moment she was born. Eli and Lani, on the other hand, work, have jobs, and were appreciative of her gift. Chanel, on the other hand, needs to learn to say thank you. Paulina stalks off with Chanel trailing after her.

Eli and Lani cuddle on the couch on Days of Our Lives

At home, Eli and Lani cuddle on the couch as they talk about Chanel. Eli wants to give their kids the best, but after seeing Lani’s cousin, he realizes there is such a thing as too much money. Lani has already given their kids the best — him as a father. Eli thinks Paulina will set her daughter straight, but Lani wonders if it’s too late for Chanel.

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In her Salem Inn room, Paulina tells Chanel she loves her more than anything in the world, but she failed her by giving her the world. Everything’s going to change now because Chanel is going to get a job back home in Miami. Chanel points out she doesn’t have enough money to get there, so if she has to get a job, she’ll do it right there.

Tripp and Claire visit with Allie on Days of Our Lives

Tripp and Claire visit Allie at home. They saw that Sami confessed to killing Charlie. Allie suggests they sit so she can tell them the whole story. Tripp’s eyes dart around as Allie and Claire wonder who among the many suspects committed murder. 

John runs into Abe outside Brady’s Pub. Abe fills John in on Paulina and the christening.

John and Abe have a heated conversation on Days of Our Lives

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