Ciara grabs Theo's hand in the hospital on Days of Our Lives
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As Eli prepares the twins for the christening at home, Lani comes out in a flowing white dress. Eli tells his wife she looks way too sexy for church. She repays the compliment when he tells her he fed and dressed the babies.

Eli and Lani kiss on Days of Our Lives

Abe stops by and learns Lani still hasn’t told Paulina she’s not the godmother. They tell him Val volunteered to do it. Lani doesn’t want her feelings hurt, but Abe thinks Paulina set herself up for it. She needs to learn not to rush in and take over. Abe recounts the lecture she gave him about diversifying the Square. Eli thinks she has a point, but Abe can’t get too involved. Lani smiles. She knows her aunt always gets what she wants.

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Eli watches as Lani explains to Abe on Days of Our Lives

Valerie visits Paulina in her room. Paulina excitedly gives her a Fairy Godmother t-shirt as a gift. Paulina reveals she’s wearing one as well. Paulina thinks with the two of them as godmothers, the twins will have everything they need. Val gently says Eli and Lani meant for Julie to be Jules’ godmother… not her. Paulina is crushed, but thanks Val for telling her. She insists she’ll be fine, but she’s not going to the church. It’ll be humiliating. Besides, she has a lot to do.

Alone at home, Paulina gets a call, but ignores it. To herself, she says, “I can’t deal with you right now.”

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Theo and Claire sit on a bench in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

On his way to see Ciara, Theo sees Claire in the Square. Claire explains Ciara has amnesia and hates her guts. Theo wonders if he should hold off visiting her. Claire thinks he should go, but advises he play along with Ciara’s version of events. Kayla said it could be bad if she’s forced to remember.

Ben looks at his wedding photo at home when Jake knocks on the door. Jake is excited to hear about Ciara, but Ben explains she only remembers him as the Necktie Killer. Jake suggests it’s just temporary. Ben hopes so. Otherwise, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Jake suggests using Rolf’s serum. Ben calls him insane, but Jake reminds him it’s worked before. When Ben balks, Jake yells at him to do whatever it takes to get his wife back. Ben won’t pressure her into a relapse. Jake grabs Ben’s shoulders and shouts, “You want your wife back? Fight for her!”

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Ben and Jake hug in Ben's studio on Days of Our Lives

Ciara tosses and turns in bed as she dreams about Ben telling her they’re in love. She wakes up wondering how she could possibly love someone like him. Doug and Julie enter to welcome their granddaughter home. Doug can’t wait for Hope to find out, but Shawn hasn’t been able to get a hold of her yet. Ciara tells them how terrified she was when Ben visited her. She wonders why he would say she loved him. Julie and Doug exchange uneasy glances. They explain Ben has been reformed, but Ciara isn’t so sure. He seemed confused and delusional. Julie stops Doug before he can tell Ciara the truth. They leave to let her rest.

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Julie watches as Doug hugs Ciara in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Theo enters Ciara’s room. She’s thrilled to see him. They reminisce about being kids together and he tells her he is going to be a godfather. He plays along when Ciara talks like it is Lani’s first pregnancy. Theo tells her he ran into Claire. Ciara gets upset about Claire hooking up with Tripp. Theo tries to defend her, but Ciara won’t hear it, reminding him Claire kept them apart. She’s done with her. As he gets up to leave for the christening, she grabs his hand. She hopes he knows how happy it makes her to see him again. She smiles and sinks into her pillow as he leaves.

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Later, Ben rushes into Ciara’s room. She threatens to scream, but he won’t go anywhere until she hears what he has to say.

Valerie meets Eli, Lani and Abe at the church. She relays Paulina decided not to come. Lani feels terrible, but Val suggests she give her aunt time and smooth things out after the ceremony. Julie and Doug arrive and learns Julie’s back on as godmother. After Theo shows up, Paulina saunters in. She apologizes for making a mess of a very special day and gives Julie her Fairy Godmother t-shirt. Julie is touched and says families always have misunderstandings… and they are family now.

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