Gabi turns down Abigail on Days of Our Lives
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At their restaurant, Julie tells Doug about finding Xander nearly naked on their couch. After laughing about the incident, they talk about Jennifer being in Boston and Julie grows weepy thinking about Laura. Julie then rants about Gwen, but Doug defends her. He wants to focus on their blessings, namely that Ciara’s alive and the twins are home. Julie agrees and says of all her blessings, he is the most important one.

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Doug laughs at Julie's story on Days of Our Lives

At home, Jack fills Jennifer in over the phone about Gwen’s claims against Abigail. Jack hasn’t had a chance to talk to Abby about it yet, but he can’t believe she’d harm Gwen. Jennifer thinks it’s understandable considering what Gwen has put her through. Jack worries how Abigail will react when he tells her he can’t turn his back on her sister. Jennifer admits Gwen isn’t her favorite person, but she vows they’ll get through this together.

Jennifer talks to Jack on the phone on Days of Our Lives

Claire rants at Gwen for drugging Abigail when she runs into her in the Square. Gwen informs her psych hospital buddy that Abigail drugged her too. Claire thinks their whole friendship was a lie since she went after her family. Gwen points out she didn’t know they were her family then. She really considered her a friend. Claire stops her when she walks away. She admits she’s no saint either and is in no position to judge anyone. Gwen asks if they are still friends. Claire says yes, but only if she doesn’t hurt Abigail again. Gwen relays she has the same deal with Jack. Claire advises she try to make nice with her sister if she wants a relationship with Jack.

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Claire rants at Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Paulina visits Lani at home to thank her for naming her Jules’ godmother. Lani gently tells her they had someone else in mind. Paulina assumes she means her mother, who she is sure will be fine with it. She rattles on and leaves before Lani can tell her the truth about Julie being the godmother.

Lani opens the door to Paulina on Days of Our Lives

In Gabi’s room in the DiMera mansion, Abigail asks for more help to go after Gwen. Gabi is out. She wants nothing to do with it. Abby promises to help her get Jake back, but Gabi says Jake has made his choice. She’s moving on. When Abigail presses the issue, Gabi warns she’ll lose everything if she doesn’t drop her vendetta against Gwen. Gabi knows what it’s like to live for revenge. It will only make her feel empty inside. She urges Abby to think about her children. Gabi is done helping her and asks Abby to leave. They agree they aren’t friends or enemies, but frenemies as Abigail exits.

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Downstairs, Chad warns Jake not to hurt Kate. If he does, Jake will answer to him. Jake notes Chad is very protective of Kate. Chad explains how she was like a mother to him after his mother died. She was the one to tell him Stefano was his father. Jake suggests Chad step off his high horse considering how he hurt Abigail. Chad acknowledges it and shares they are going to therapy. He is hopeful about her moving back home, but worries she has an ulterior motive.

Abigail enters, prompting Jake to leave. Abby thinks it’s weird seeing him get along with Jake. Chad responds, just like her and Gabi. Abby says that truce is over. She reiterates she’s focusing on the future and brings up therapy. He wonders if he should talk about his mother in therapy since his conversation with Jake brought up a lot of feelings. Abigail knows sharing his feelings is hard for him, but Chad is devoted to making their marriage work. Abigail stays downstairs to read as Chad goes to bed. She pulls a guilty-looking face as he walks away.

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A shirtless Jake runs into Gabi upstairs. He hopes they can be civil now that they’re living together again. She agrees to try.

Roman hits on Kate on Days of Our Lives

At Brady’s Pub, Kate helps Roman fills salt and pepper shakers. He makes snide remarks when Jake’s name is brought up. She gets defensive, but Roman just doesn’t think Jake is a good fit for her. She asks who is, then. Roman responds, “For starters? Me.” Kate thinks this is coming out of nowhere and reminds him he did this when she was with Andre. Roman doesn’t think they can deny their pull. Kate remarks they did have fun. Roman thinks they could have a whole lot more if she gave them a chance. Kate tells Roman it’s not just a fling with Jake. He’s had her back and they have a connection people don’t understand. Roman hopes Jake makes her happy, but if he doesn’t, she knows where to find him.

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Next on Days of Our Lives: Theo visits Ciara and Val has news for Paulina.

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