Sami interrupts Rafe's interrogation of Allie on Days of Our Lives
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Rafe meets with Allie in the SPD interrogation room. He asks if she took Kate’s gun that was used to shoot Charlie. Sami bursts in before she can answer and declares this interrogation is over. She orders Allie to go home. When Allie leaves, Sami asks Rafe what the hell he’s doing. Rafe points out he intentionally didn’t read Allie her rights so he wouldn’t be able to use anything she said against her. He was trying to help her because she really needs it, but of course, Sami had to interfere. Sami’s confused, so Rafe tells her about Kate’s gun. He assumes Sami’s been covering for her daughter. Sami insists she’s not covering and declares she killed Charlie.

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Lucas hugs Allie on Days of Our Lives

Lucas finds Tripp babysitting Henry at Nicole’s apartment. He really needs to talk to Allie and asks if he knows where she is. Tripp doesn’t know, but leaves Lucas to wait for Allie with Henry.

Allie returns home. Lucas asks if Allie stole Kate’s gun to kill Charlie. Allie admits she took Kate’s gun and confronted Charlie with it at his apartment. However, she couldn’t pull the trigger, despite his taunts. He took the gun from her and she fled. Allie tells her father she wanted to shoot him, but she couldn’t. Lucas embraces her. Allie worries Sami did it, but Lucas explains she’s only covering for her. Allie wonders who killed him then.

Allie points a gun at Charlie on Days of Our Lives

Tripp walks up to Charlie’s apartment. He remembers forcefully knocking on the door calling out for Charlie to open it.

Roman joins Kate and Rex at Brady’s Pub. Kate spits out that their son is leaving town with Sarah of all people. After Kate disdainfully shares her concerns, Rex steps away to pack. Alone, Kate tells Roman her fear that Allie stole her gun to kill Charlie. Rex returns to reiterate that Sarah wants to leave Salem as fast as they can.

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Kate and Roman listen to Rex on Days of Our Lives

During their struggle over the syringe in the wine cellar, Kristen accidentally stabs Sarah. Kristen furrows her brow as she looks at the syringe, wondering what was in it. Sarah says she doesn’t know. She just found it on the floor. Kristen holds Sarah as she slumps to the ground. She’s relieved Sarah is still alive and tries to talk to her. Sarah squints her eyes at Kristen, but sees Xander. She thinks he has come to save her. Kristen plays along with Sarah’s delusion and tells Sarah they have to get her someplace safe. Sarah follows “Xander’s” instructions to put on her wedding dress and get into a trunk.

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Kristen helps Sarah into a trunk on Days of Our Lives

As Xander drinks at the Kiriakis mansion, Jack remarks “Sarah” dumping him doesn’t sound like something she’d do. Xander, says, yeah, well it happened. He wonders if she was planning this all along. As Jack tries to make sense of it, Xander admits finding “Sarah” with Rex was a little weird. However, he grows solemn as he recounts how “Sarah” never forgave him for the baby switch. Her future is with Rex, not him. Jack still thinks something’s off. All Xander knows is he’s unsure of how he’ll get through the day let alone the year without her. Sarah was everything to him. Waking up to her was the highlight of his life and everything else paled in comparison. Now he has to think of his life without her. He downs his drink and leaves.

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Jack watches Xander drink on Days of Our Lives

Rex finds “Sarah” outside the pub pushing the trunk. She apologizes, but she’s not ready for a commitment. She needs to be by herself. She asks him not to try and find her and wheels the trunk away.

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Rex sees "Sarah" pushing a trunk on Days of Our Lives

Xander returns to his hotel room and finds Sarah’s gift for him on the bed. He opens the note which says she can’t wait to see him in and out of his kilt. He tosses it aside wondering how Sarah could do this to him.

Xander looking distressed on Days of Our Lives

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