Xander gutted on Days of Our Lives
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At the Kiriakis estate, Jack and Bonnie wonder where Xander and Sarah are. Gwen enters looking for her father. Bonnie leaves them alone. Gwen tells a disbelieving Jack that Abigail tried to inject her with Rolf’s drug. She asks Jack to cut Abigail out his life if she doesn’t end her vendetta. Jack says he needs to give Abby the same chance he gave Gwen to drop her vendetta first. Gwen asks what happens if she won’t. Jack knows his daughter is capable of forgiveness. He will sort it out because he can’t have his daughters hating each other.

Jack learns the truth from Gwen on Days of Our Lives

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Downstairs at the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells Chad she just lied to Rafe at the police station about what she did to Gwen. Chad can’t believe the chances she’s taking in the name of revenge. Her anger is turning her into someone he doesn’t recognize. She’s not sure how she’s supposed to get over everything Gwen has done to her. Chad tells her she’s stooping to Gwen’s level, but she’s better than that. Abigail doesn’t know how to let go of the anger. Chad holds her as she cries. Chad is relieved Abigail is willing to accept help and vows to be there for her every step of the way. Abigail agrees that from this moment forward, it’s just about the two of them. Chad thanks her for giving him hope they can get through this stronger than ever. Abigail promises they will.

Upstairs at the DiMera mansion, Jake finds Gabi unpacking in one of the rooms. She reminds him it’s her house — Stefan left it to her. She assures him she’s not there for him because doesn’t chase after men who don’t want her. Jake is happy to hear she finally gets it. Gabi retorts it’s his loss. She wants him to leave so she can take a bath, but Jake has some things to say. Kate walks by as Gabi drops her robe. Jake covers her up and tells Kate it’s not what it looks like. Gabi goes to take her bath. Once alone, Jake asks Kate to move out of the mansion with him. He doesn’t care where he lives, as long as it’s with her. She feels the same way, but doesn’t think they should move out. It will look weak to Shin and like confirmation to Gabi that she’s a threat to their relationship.

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Sarah frees herself from the ropes in the wine cellar and races to the door, but it’s locked. She screams for help as she pounds on the door. Sarah searches the room and finds a crowbar, but she can’t pry open the door. She slinks to the floor and fantasizes about a kilt-clad Xander bursting in. He tells her to get dressed because they have a wedding to get to. Her fantasy continues with Sarah in her dress exchanging vows with Xander. She tells him they are proof true love always wins. After another failed attempt at opening the door, Sarah paces around the room. She finds the syringe Abigail tried to use on Gwen.

Sarah and Xander's fantasy wedding on Days of Our Lives

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Xander busts into Rex’s room to find him on top of “Sarah” on the bed. He drags Rex off demanding to know what he did to her. Rex assures him it was consensual. “Sarah” chimes in, “Rex is right. It was my choice.” Xander looks gutted, calling it impossible. “Sarah” asks Rex to leave them alone. After he exits, Xander says there’s no way in hell he believes she’d sleep with Rex on their wedding day. “Sarah” tells Xander she loves Rex and that’s why she agreed to meet him today. Xander refuses to believe her. After “Sarah” offers more excuses for not wanting to marry him, she declares they’re done. Xander grabs her and kisses her. “Sarah” backs away and yells at him for making her fall in love with Kristen’s baby. She then defends Kristen when Xander calls her a heartless bitch. Xander looks confused. He doesn’t think any of this makes sense.

Xander chokes Rex on Days of Our Lives

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“Sarah” tells Xander Rex is her future as he returns. She hands Xander the engagement ring. Xander hangs his head and walks out. Rex goes in for a kiss with “Sarah,” but she pushes him off. She tells him there’s plenty of time for that, but she does want to get far away from there. He’s thrilled. She gathers her clothes and steps out, as Rex texts Kate to meet.

In the Pub, Rex tells Kate he and “Sarah” are back together and leaving town.

A dejected Xander enters the Kiriakis mansion. He tells Jack he found “Sarah” in bed with someone else.

When Kristen returns to the wine cellar, Sarah jumps out at her with the syringe. They struggle.

Kristen as Sarah kisses Rex on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Allie comes clean with Lucas and Rex has surprising news for Roman and Kate.

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