Rex and "Sarah" kiss on Days of Our Lives
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At Basic Black, Brady complains to Chloe about Susan hovering over him. He could use a break from that woman. Chloe flashes back to “Susan” assuming she still wants Brady. Rex drops by to take them to lunch, but they’re too busy. They notice he looks down and Rex admits he’s unhappy about Sarah marrying Xander. Rex knows he screwed up with Sarah and still thinks about her all the time. Brady encourages Rex to tell her how he feels before it’s too late.

Jack finds Xander in the Horton living room. Xander’s not dressed for the wedding yet because he hasn’t heard from Sarah. He’s afraid she’s in trouble. Bonnie calls and tells Xander Sarah’s not at the house.

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Bonnie in a hot pink dress on Days of Our Lives

Kristen comes to see Sarah in the wine cellar. Sarah yells, “What the hell?!” when she sees Kristen in Sarah’s wedding dress. Kristen explains Sarah gave her the idea to break up with Xander in person. Sarah reiterates she’d never do that. Kristen pulls out a Sarah mask and says, “You won’t have to. I will.” Kristen explains she made the mask herself. Spending so much time with Dr. Rolf had its benefits. Sarah tears up as Kristen explains how easy it will be to fool a moron like Xander when she dumps him at the altar. Sarah thinks Xander will see right through it, but Kristen reminds her she learned at the knee of Stefano DiMera. She won’t fail. Kristen picks up Sarah’s phone to text Xander, but Rex calls. Kristen thinks he’ll be the perfect person to test her Sarah mask and voice on.

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Rex on the phone in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Outside the wine cellar, “Sarah” adjusts her mask and answers Rex’s call. He says she’s making a mistake with Xander and asks to meet at Brady’s Pub, where he’s staying.

Kristen returns to tell Sarah about meeting Rex. Sarah begs her not to do this. Kristen takes the ring off Sarah’s finger to give back to Xander when she breaks his heart. She kisses Sarah on the cheek and leaves. Sarah screams.

Xander rushes into Basic Black demanding to know where Sarah is. Chloe tells him neither Sarah nor the dress is there. Brady suggests maybe Sarah doesn’t want to be found. He thinks she pulled the plug and the wedding is off. Xander runs out.

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“Sarah” enters the Pub and sits with Rex. He tells her he believes they still belong together. He understands she might not feel the same way, but asks her not to marry Xander. To his surprise, she says, “Fine. I won’t.” “Sarah” says she’s been having doubts about Xander and can’t truly forgive him. She calls Rex the one. He asks to go somewhere more private to talk. She suggests they go to his room and skip the talking. She tells Rex she’ll meet him there. When he walks away, Kristen calls Xander, pretending to be Susan. She tells him Sarah is at the Pub with Rex heading to his room.

Sarah helps Rex undress on Days of Our Lives

“Sarah” rolls her eyes as she and Rex make out in Rex’s room. They start taking each other’s clothes off and fall onto the bed. Xander bursts in.

Sarah frees herself from the ropes in the wine cellar and says, “Xander, I’m coming.”

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In her hospital room, Ciara lashes out at Claire for hooking up with Tripp. As Claire tries to get through to Ciara, she says, “I love you. And so does Ben.” Ciara looks stunned. “Do you mean Ben Weston?” Ciara assumes Claire hired Ben to come after her and orders her to leave.

Claire defends herself to Ciara on Days of Our Lives

Claire rejoins Ben and Kayla in the lobby. She tearfully tells them Ciara yelled at her for things that happened a long time ago. Ben wants to see her, but Kayla thinks it’s best to give her space. She leaves, as Claire hugs Ben. She tells him how hateful Ciara was towards her. All she’s wanted to do is makeup with Ciara, but she doesn’t think she’ll get that chance. Ben reminds her Ciara forgave her. Claire apologizes. She knows he’s going through hell. She tried to get through to Ciara, but Ben knows she’s terrified of him. Claire believes Ciara feels his love and that she loves him too.

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Kayla stops in to see Ciara who tells her aunt about finding Claire and Tripp together. Kayla asks what is the last thing she remembers. Ciara remembers telling Claire and Tripp she hated them and went for a ride on her motorcycle. She assumes she’s there because of the crash.

Kayla listens to Ciara in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Kayla returns to Ben and Claire. She’s still waiting on the tests, but it seems Ciara’s memory is perfect up until her motorcycle accident. Ben can’t believe Ciara doesn’t remember anything about their life together.

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