Kayla holds Ciara back from yelling at Ben on Days of Our Lives
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Tripp visits Ava at Rafe’s house. He thinks they can move on now that Sami’s been arrested for Charlie’s murder. Ava says she can’t do that just yet. She has something to tell him, but Gabi saunters into the kitchen. Gabi wonders why mob princess Ava is still there now that Charlie is dead. The women bicker and Gabi reveals she saw Ava slip out the back door the night Charlie was killed. She wonders if Ava has something to hide. Gabi tells Ava to move out, but Ava confesses she’s been kicked out of her place. Gabi says if Ava’s not going, then she will.

After Gabi storms off, Ava admits to Tripp she’s been running the Vitali crime family, but swears she left that life. She’s cut off financially which is why she couldn’t afford her apartment any longer. He is understanding and asks if that’s what she was going to confess earlier. Ava looks away, but then says, “Yeah, it’s exactly what I was going to say.”

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Rafe and Nicole have coffee in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Rafe tells Nicole there’s new forensic evidence pointing to another suspect in Charlie’s murder. He can’t tell her who, but hopes this lead will exonerate Sami. She does too… for Allie’s sake.

Kate wakes Jake up from a fantasy he has about Gabi while napping on the couch at the DiMera mansion. She heard him say Gabi’s name. Jake covers. He tells Kate he thinks he finally got through to Gabi that he’s in love with another woman.

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Rafe walks in on Jake and Kate kissing. He tells them the gun used in Charlie’s murder was identified as Kate’s. She declares her gun is locked in a box upstairs and leads him to it, despite Jake’s concerns. After retrieving it, Rafe finds the box empty. Kate claims it must have been stolen and continues to defend herself. Jake advises she remain silent until her lawyer is present. Rafe takes the box and leaves. Kate insists she didn’t kill Charlie. Jake assures her he’d protect her if she did. Kate appreciates that, but swears she’s innocent. Jake believes her, but says they have to figure out who took the gun. Kate recalls Allie taking her gun the first time.

In his office, Rafe looks over the lockbox. He recalls questioning Allie about the gun she used to threaten Tripp with. He whispers, “Oh no.”

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Rafe contemplates new evidence on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Allie gets defensive when Claire asks if she killed Charlie. Claire assures her cousin she can trust her with anything. Allie won’t directly answer her and leaves.

In her hospital room, Ciara tells the “Necktie Killer” to get the hell away from her. She wonders if Ben broke out of Bayview to kill her. “Am I next?” she asks, terrified. Ben tries to tell her they love each other, but she yells for help. She calls him a monster as Kayla rushes in. Kayla orders a devastated Ben to leave.

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Ciara recoils from Ben on Days of Our Lives

Ben sits down with Claire in the lobby. He explains Ciara looked at him like he was the devil. As much as she loved him before, is how much she hates him now. Claire thinks the meds are making her confused, but Ben isn’t so sure. Claire urges him to give her time. Ben wonders how much time? They’ve lost too much already. He wants to go back in there to make her remember she is his heart and soul. Claire stops him.

Back in Ciara’s room, Kayla asks the shaken patient what she remembers about Ben. Ciara lists his many evil deeds and asks what else should she remember? Kayla tells her there are pieces of her memory she’s missing. She’s going to arrange for tests and tells Ciara to rest. Ciara makes Kayla promise not to let that monster back in her room.

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Kayla meets with Ben and Claire. She tells Ben Ciara is experiencing selective memory loss. She can give a more accurate assessment after the drugs wear off. For right now though, she doesn’t think Ciara is in a place to hear that Ben is her husband. Claire asks if she can sit with Ciara. Kayla thinks she would be happy to see her.

Kayla sits with Ben who wonders why Ciara remembers everything except her feelings for him. Kayla knows this is hard, but reminds him he’s kept the faith for so long. Ben says he’ll never lose that faith. “She’s got to remember me,” he says. “She has to.”

Claire visits an unreceptive Ciara on Days of Our Lives

Claire walks into Ciara’s room and asks if she remembers her. Ciara says, “You’re that bitch who slept with my boyfriend, Tripp.”

Nicole finds Allie at home. She tells her Rafe has a new suspect in Charlie’s murder, so Sami could be off the hook. Allie looks concerned. Nicole leaves the room to check on Henry, leaving Allie to remember going into Kate’s lockbox and picking up the gun.

Allie holds a gun on Days of Our Lives

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