Lucas and Sami talk in the interrogation room on Day of Our Lives
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Belle finds Shawn in his hospital bed ordering Melinda Trask to prosecute Orpheus and Evan to the fullest extent of the law. Belle correctly assumes he’s throwing himself into cop mode to avoid worrying about his sister. Marlena enters to tell them Ciara is out of surgery.

Claire walks the hospital hallways with a coughing Ben. She suggests he get checked out again, but he needs to find out about Ciara. Kayla approaches them as Shawn hobbles out on crutches. Kayla says Ciara’s scans look good and she should make a full recovery. Since she’s still unconscious, Kayla suggests they visit her one at a time. Shawn insists Ben go first. Ben has a coughing fit as he starts to walk away.

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Shawn on crutches at the hospital with Kayla, Ben and Claire

Ben enters Ciara’s room and finds her sleeping. He slowly walks toward her and sits down. Ben takes her hand and says, “Ciara. I’m right here. I’m here.” Ciara wakes up and says, “Oh, baby, I knew you would come for me.” Ben promises never to leave her side again. They kiss until Ben wakes up in his own room with an oxygen mask on. Claire rushes to his side to explain he passed out before he could get to Ciara. Kayla checks him out, but won’t let him go to Ciara just yet. He’ll be fine as long as he stays in bed and gets his blood oxygen levels back to normal. After she leaves, an antsy Ben bypasses Claire to see his wife.

Ciara wakes up to Ben on Days of Our Lives

Ciara wakes up as Shawn sits at her bedside. She doesn’t remember what happened, but does remember her brother. Ciara asks if Hope is there. Shawn promises to track her down, but says there is someone else dying to see her.

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Shawn sits by Ciara's hospital bedside on Days of Our Lives

At home, Allie relays a news alert to Nicole that says Sami refuses to talk to the cops. Nicole remarks it’s the first time she has ever heard Sami exercise her right to remain silent. Allie wishes she could talk to her mother, but Rafe always has an excuse as to why she can’t. Nicole thinks Rafe won’t say no to her and leads Allie out.

Lucas visits Sami in the interrogation room. He insists he’s not going anywhere until she tells him everything. Sami refuses at first, but eventually recounts how she went to Charlie’s apartment, but he didn’t answer. The door was open though. She entered and found a gun on the floor and Charlie’s dead body. She was furious she was robbed of killing him herself so she picked up the gun and shot him anyway. She dropped the gun and ran to the bathroom to splash water on her face. When she came out, Rafe was there. Sami admits she kept quiet because she’s worried Allie is the killer. She makes Lucas promise to keep her secret.

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Lucas and Sami hug at the police station on Days of Our Lives

Nicole marches up to Rafe in the police station with Allie. She declares they’re there to see Sami and she won’t take no for an answer. Rafe tells Allie she can see her mother, but first, he tells them Ciara is alive. Rafe thinks she should go celebrate, but Allie wants to see Sami. Rafe explains it could be awhile. Nicole makes Rafe agree to call them when Sami’s available.

Allie runs into Ben and Claire in the hospital lobby. Shawn comes out and tells them Ciara is awake. Ben rushes to see his wife, as Shawn leaves to tell Belle and Marlena. Allie and Claire sit and talk. Claire worries her mother’s situation is her fault. Claire asks if Allie killed Charlie.

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Claire and Allie talk at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Ben enters a sleeping Ciara’s hospital room. He grabs her hand and whispers her name. She opens her eyes. He kisses her hand, but Ciara yanks it back. She recoils and says, “I know who you are. You’re Ben Weston. You’re the Necktie Killer.”

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In Shawn’s hospital room, Marlena asks Belle why she’s throwing Sami to the wolves. Belle says she tried to help her, but Sami is incapable of being honest. Not to mention, she unleashed Jan Spears on them. However, Sami is still her sister, so she is rooting for her. Marlena can’t understand why Sami would lie when her story could so easily be checked. Belle urges Marlena to convince Sami to help herself. A giddy Shawn returns to update them on Ciara.

As Rafe and Nicole get coffee in the Square, Nicole asks Rafe if he is purposely keeping Allie away from Sami. Rafe admits he’s trying to protect Allie from blaming herself for what Sami potentially did. Rafe gets a call about new information possibly clearing Sami.

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