Kristen gives side-eye on Days of Our Lives
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Xander wakes up hungover, nearly naked on the couch in the Horton living room. He mutters he hopes he and Jack didn’t get hookers, as Julie walks in. She screams. Jack rushes in and tries to cover Xander up with a blanket. He explains to Julie he wanted to make sure Xander got to his wedding on time after the bachelor party. Jack tells Xander to take a shower and then steps out to take a phone call. Julie sneaks a peek as Xander walks out of the room.

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Jack tries to cover a naked Xander with a blanket on Days of Our Lives

Jack returns to tell Julie Ciara is alive. He got word from the newsroom that she’s in surgery right now. He promises not to run the story until the whole family has been notified. He suggests Julie not tell Doug until they know Ciara made it out of surgery.

Xander returns in Jennifer’s robe after his shower. He looks at his phone and ponders calling Sarah. He worries it’ll be bad luck before the wedding though. Jack assures him as long as they don’t video chat it’ll be okay. Xander just doesn’t want to anything to screw things up with Sarah again.

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Sarah realizes she's been kidnapped on Days of Our Lives

Kristen brings a tied-up Sarah coffee in the DiMera basement. Sarah realizes Kristen knocked her out. She asks to be let go so she can get married. Kristen cackles as she says she can’t let that happen. Sarah promises not to say anything, but Kristen knows Sarah has too many scruples. Sarah wonders if Kristen is going to kill her. Kristen assures her she won’t. Sarah asks what her plans are then. Kristen talks about an island she could strand her on. Sarah laughs. Xander will never stop looking for her. When he discovers the truth, he will make Kristen’s life a living hell. Kristen knows Xander won’t come looking for her if she viciously breaks his heart. Kristen crafts a breakup text message on Sarah’s phone to send to Xander. Sarah doesn’t think that will work. Xander calls before Kristen can send it. Kristen ignores the call.

Back with Jack, Xander thinks it’s odd that Sarah didn’t answer. He then expounds on how amazing Sarah is and how incredible it is that she wants to marry him. Jack calls him a hopeless romantic. Worried, Xander calls Bonnie, who doesn’t answer either. Jack suggests Sarah is just getting ready for her big day. He runs off, leaving Xander looking concerned.

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In the wine cellar, Kristen taunts Sarah about the extended text she’ll Xander: How she never forgave him for what he did and that she never wants to see him again. Sarah reiterates how much she loves Xander and that he knows she forgave him. She urges Kristen to do the right thing, for Rachel, and let her go. When Kristen won’t budge, Sarah tells her to send the breakup text. Xander will never believe it, even if she was standing in front of him doing it. Kristen smiles. Sarah just gave her a scathingly brilliant idea.

Theo comforts Claire on Days of Our Lives

Theo runs to embrace Claire after he steps off the hospital elevator. She fills him in on Ciara and what happened with Evan. As they wait for word, Theo and Claire catch up. Claire learns Theo broke up with his girlfriend. He says, “In the end, she wasn’t…” Claire finishes his sentence, “She wasn’t Ciara.” Theo asks for an update on Claire dating Charlie. She tells him he was a sociopath and then goes to get an update on Ciara.

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Ben prays in the hospital chapel. Marlena enters as he asks God to spare Ciara’s life. They hug and sit as Ben details everything that happened with Ciara. Marlena comforts him when he worries she won’t make it through surgery. She knows he never gave up on Ciara when everyone thought she was dead. Dr. Evans wants Ben to believe in the connection he has with Ciara. She thinks it’s very real and it’s what will bring her back to him. Ben wants to believe, but there is a knot in his stomach. Marlena understands, she and John have the same connection he and Ciara do. She knows Ciara is feeling his love. Ben starts to cough as they talk about Evan being in custody. Marlena looks worried when it gets worse. She wants him to get looked at, but Ben already did. Regardless, he won’t go anywhere until he knows Ciara’s okay. Claire rushes in to tell Marlena and Ben that Ciara is out of surgery.

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Marlena listens to Ben in the chapel on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben has a setback and Sami’s ready to confess.. to Lucas.

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