Julie and Paulina talk at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives
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Roman finds Gabi crying outside of Brady’s Pub. She confides that she just got dumped. Roman is sorry to hear it, but didn’t realize she was seeing anyone. Gabi clarifies she was humiliated and insulted by Jake, who only wants to be with Kate. Roman stops Gabi as she starts to badmouth his ex, but admits he thinks Kate could do a lot better. Gabi thinks she can do better than Jake too. She accepts his handkerchief when she starts to cry again and walks away.

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Val touches a smiling Eli's face at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Eli meets Val inside the Pub. He asks her to be Carver’s godmother and shares they’re going to ask Julie to be Jules’ godmother. Valerie chuckles because Julie’s already expecting it. He invites her over to Julie’s Place where he and Lani plan to talk to his grandmother. Val tells her son how thrilled she is to see him so happy. Eli knows his kids will be lucky if he’s half the parent she is.

In Horton Square, Abe and Paulina continue debating her taking over the storefront from Kate. Paulina declares someone needs to bring a little pizzazz to Salem which is “whiter than an Alaskan tundra.” She suggests they have a drink to talk things over, but turns her nose up at all of Salem’s offerings.

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Lani smiles as Theo holds one of the babies on Days of Our Lives

Theo surprises Lani at home. He had to meet the twins. She hands Jules to a nervous Theo who holds her. Lani asks him to be Jules’ godfather. She hopes it keeps him around Salem longer, but she knows he has a girlfriend. Theo admits they broke up. Lani invites him to Julie’s Place to meet with Eli and Julie.

At her restaurant, Julie tells Claire Sami was arrested for Charlie’s murder. Claire can’t believe what an idiot she was about him. Julie urges her to put him behind her and move on. Claire lets slip that means helping Ben find Ciara. She admits they both think Ciara is alive and fills Julie in on what they’ve learned. Julie’s head spins, but says they need to tell the police. Claire says they can’t, but vows she and Ben will bring Ciara home.

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Paulina meets Eli's family on Days of Our Lives

After Claire has left, Abe brings Paulina to Julie’s Place He introduces Paulina to Julie, who Jules is named after. Paulina doesn’t understand why Eli and Lani would name their baby after an old white lady. Abe fills her in on a taken aback Julie being Eli’s grandmother. A surprised Paulina puts her foot in her mouth trying to cover.

When Eli and Valerie arrive, Paulina admires Val’s hair, which Julie reaches out to touch. Paulina stops a confused Julie. Lani, Theo, and the twins’ arrival break up the tension. Paulina promptly admires Lani’s handsome brother and then explains to Julie why you don’t touch a Black woman’s hair. Julie appreciates the teachable moment.

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Theo and Abe reuinte on Days of Our Lives

Lani raises a glass as she thanks everyone for being there for the christening. She and Eli ask Abe to be Carver’s godfather, but when Eli begins asking Julie to be Jules’ godmother, Paulina interrupts him to happily accept the honor. Julie sits expressionless as Paulina gets up to gush. Paulina downs some champagne and then runs out to get ready for the christening. Eli shakes his head and says, “Now what the hell are we going to do?”

Eli and Lani toast with thier family at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Evan breaks into Ben’s place and looks at Ben and Ciara’s wedding photo. He pulls out his gun and says when Ben comes home, he’ll have a little surprise for him.

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Ben leans in to make point with Shawn at precinct on Days of Our Lives

At the station, Ben hands Shawn the phone he got from Clyde and tells him Evan has Ciara. The phone is their only clue to her whereabouts. Shawn tracks the towers that received calls from the phone, but it could take a few hours to get a more precise location. Ben doesn’t think they have that long. He grabs the phone back and calls Evan. Shawn rips the phone out of Ben’s hand when Evan answers and hangs up. Ben yells at Shawn, “We had him and you lost him!” Shawn calls to have the call tracked, which shows Evan is at Ben’s place.

Claire faces Evan at Ben's apartment on Days of Our Lives

After a confused Evan hangs up the phone, he opens the door to find Claire. Evan tries to walk past her, but Claire recognizes him. His face hardens as he slams the door shut behind her. He pulls his gun and says he’ll figure out what to do with her while he waits to kill Ben.

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