Abigail desperately explains to Chad on Days of Our Lives
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Lani finds Eli flexing in the mirror at home. He wants to make sure fatherhood hasn’t given him a dad bod yet. They joke about Paulina fawning over him as they fold laundry. Lani talks about how challenging her aunt can be, but also how she was her like her fairy godmother when she was little. Lani shares that Paulina had a hard life before she made a fortune in commercial real estate. Now, she likes to flaunt what she has, while taking care of the people she loves, which includes her daughter. Lani warns that Paulina is force to be reckoned with and no one should get on her bad side. Eli says he doesn’t plan to and leaves for work.

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Eli and Lani fold clothes on Days of Our Lives

Paulina yells out to Abe across the Square. After discussing the twins’ christening, Paulina says she has a business proposition for him. She knows two interested parties are in dispute over the Gabi Chic storefront and she wants to throw her hat in the ring. Abe asks if this means she’s staying in Salem. She calls “staying” a strong word, but she is looking to expand her brand into the Midwest.

Paulina and Abe in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

At the office, Jake is pleased with himself over his progress as DiMera CEO. Kate gets annoyed when he brings up their buying out the Gabi Chic lease. Jake wonders when Kate’s going to let her issues with Gabi go. Kate thinks he’s using her to convince himself he doesn’t have feelings for Gabi. She walks out of the office when he tries to protest.

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Kate meets Paulina with Abe in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Kate walks through the Square and overhears Abe and Paulina. She declares she’s already signed a lease for the Gabi Chic property to open up Basic Black’s flagship store. Paulina scoffs at the name. She knows the contract hasn’t been executed yet and tells Abe the Square doesn’t need another white-owned business. As the Black mayor of Salem, he should do something about it. Despite Kate’s protests, Abe agrees to introduce Paulina to the landlord. He assures Kate it’s not personal. She calls it unfair nonetheless. After Kate walks away, Abe clarifies to Paulina he agreed to make an introduction, but he’s not on anyone’s side.

In the wine cellar, Gabi grabs Abigail’s hand before she can stab Gwen with the syringe. She thought this was just supposed to be a bluff. Abby says she changed her mind. Gabi won’t go back to prison for attempted murder because Abigail’s lost it and orders her out.

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Gabi stops Abigail from injecting Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Gwen asks Gabi to untie her after Abby has left, but Gabi can’t risk her going to the cops. Gwen promises to leave Gabi’s name out of the kidnapping if she lets her go. Gabi agrees to let her throw Abby under the bus and cuts her loose.

As Anna tries to prevent Chad from going into the wine cellar, Abigail walks through the secret door. Anna leaves as Chad questions Abigail about being in the tunnels. Gwen emerges, ropes still on her wrists. She recounts what just happened and tells Abigail she’s going straight to the cops.

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Chad prevents Abigail from going after Gwen on Days of Our Lives

After Gwen storms out, Chad yells at Abigail for putting everything at risk. Abigail accuses Chad of taking Gwen’s side. Chad insists he’s not, but wonders if she only moved home to carry out her plan. Abigail says she would never use him in that way, but Chad isn’t so sure. Chad wonders what it will take for all this to be over. Abby says it will only be over when Gwen is no longer a part of their lives — whatever it takes. Chad is so sorry for everything that’s happened, but he doesn’t think Abigail is acting like herself. Abby says she is finally fighting back as she should have a long time ago. He wonders if landing in prison would be worth it. She says yes. Chad doesn’t know what to say and walks out.

Gwen pleads her case to Eli on Days of Our Lives

After messing up her hair, Gwen enters the police station breathless. She tells Eli what happened and asks to speak to Rafe. Eli says she and Abigail will have to work this out themselves.

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Gabi rushes into Jake’s office. She just stopped a murder and needed to talk to someone about it. He’s her only friend. Jake points out they’re really not friends and assumes she went crawling back to Abby because she needed one. Gabi corrects him — she partnered with Abigail because she was going to help blow up his relationship with Kate. Jake furiously reminds her he’s in love with Kate, but Gabi knows he still has feelings for her. Jake moves in closer to her and admits that he does. He cares enough about her to encourage her to stop going after a man who doesn’t want her. Gabi flinches. She got the message loud and clear. She stomps off.

Gabi surprised by Jake on Days of Our Lives

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