Sami's guilty behavior on Days of Our Lives
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After trying, but failing, to see Sami at the police station, Allie meets Lucas in the Square. Lucas calls Shawn for an update on Sami and learns she was arrested for murder. Allie panics, believing it’s all her fault.

Allie, Henry and Lucas in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Tripp walks up, interrupting them. Allie says she wanted to reach out about Charlie, but she didn’t know what to say. Tripp admits part of him is relieved he’s out of their lives for good. He assures Allie she never has to worry about his brother again. After Allie tells Tripp Sami was arrested for the murder, he asks if she’d let Ava meet Henry. Allie agrees.

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Tripp runs into Allie and Henry in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Rafe returns home to tell Ava Sami was arrested for Charlie’s murder. Rafe promises his personal relationship with Sami won’t affect the case. He’ll make sure justice is done. Ava understands why Sami did what she did and is grateful it’s over. Rafe reminds her there’s still a lengthy legal process. Ava wonders if Rafe still loves Sami. Rafe admits their relationship is complicated. Ava gets it — so was hers with her son. After Ava wonders how things could have been different if she had been a better mother, she says it’s time for her to move out. Rafe offers to let her stay as long as she wants. Ava thanks him and he leaves to go back to work.

Ava and Rafe talk at kitchen table on Days of Our Lives

Tripp, Allie, and Henry stop by to see Ava. Ava is thrilled to see her grandson and holds him. Allie smiles. Ava apologizes for what Charlie did to her. Tripp says they are all better off that he’s been punished.

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Allie introduces Ava to Henry on Days of Our Lives

In the interrogation room, Belle quits as Sami’s lawyer since she lied about her prints being on the gun. Sami swears she didn’t kill Charlie. Belle wonders why she’d lie to her if she’s innocent. Sami makes excuses and plays the sister card. Belle agrees to remain her lawyer, but if Sami lies again, she’s done.

Sami remains cagey when Belle presses her for more answers. Belle asks if she’s protecting someone — maybe Allie? Sami insists Allie has nothing to do with this. She points out Charlie has a long list of people who wanted to see him dead.

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When Rafe enters, Belle explains Sami only picked up the gun in a state of panic. Sami confirms she never fired the gun. Rafe counters there is gunshot residue all over Sami’s clothes from the night of the shooting. Belle’s face hardens as she looks at Sami, who tries to explain. Rafe tells Sami to save everyone the song and dance and admit she killed Charlie. Sami remains quiet. After Rafe leaves to meet with the D.A., Belle quits as Sami’s lawyer for real — she’s on her own.

Anna taunts Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Anna finds Gwen in the wine room tied up. Gwen explains Abigail and Gabi did this to her and asks to free her. Anna passes. After what she did to Abigail, Anna wouldn’t lift a pinky to help her. Anna grabs a bottle of wine and makes her exit.

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Abigail and Gabi argue in the park on Days of Our Lives

After finding her in the park, Chad asks why Abigail blew off their therapy appointment to meet with Gabi. Abby explains she wanted to apologize to Gabi for falsely accusing her of drugging her. Gabi leans in, saying she’s listening. Oh, and Abigail better make it heartfelt. Abigail makes a show of apologizing in front of Chad. Gabi responds by wondering why she’d ever forgive her. Abigail rolls her eyes and asks Chad to leave them alone so they can hash things out. Chad agrees and walks off.

Alone, Abigail asks Gabi what that was about. Gabi explains she played it up for Chad so he’d believe them. They reconfirm their truce, agreeing that doesn’t mean they’ll ever be over what the other did. They get back to discussing their plan, with Gabi making sure they are just pretending to inject Gwen with Rolf’s drug, not actually melting her brain.

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Abigail prepares a syringe for Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Abigail and Gabi enter the wine room. When Gwen declares she still won’t talk, Abigail pulls out a syringe with the drug. She threatens to inject her with it unless she confesses on video, which Gabi is recording. Before Gwen can answer Abigail’s questions, Gabi wants Gwen to admit she, not Gabi, drugged Abigail’s drink. Gwen tells them both to go to hell. Abigail threatens Gwen again with the syringe, telling her to rethink her answer. Gwen doesn’t think Abigail has it in her to drug her. Abigail tells her it’s a mistake to underestimate her and raises the syringe over her neck.

Anna remains coy with Chad on Days of Our Lives

Chad finds a cheery Anna drinking wine in the DiMera main room. She becomes nervous when he asks what she found in the wine cellar. Chad gets an idea to grab a bottle of wine for a welcome home dinner for Abby. Anna tells him not to go to the cellar.

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