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Gwen stirs awake in the DiMera cellar and finds herself tied to a chair. Frightened, she has no idea where she is. She thinks back and remembers striking a deal with Gabi.

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Upstairs, Abby thinks she should check on Gwen when Chad appears. They sit down, and Chad tells Abby that he made them an appointment with a marriage counselor, but the only time she had this week is in an hour. Abby says she can’t make that, and he has to cancel the appointment. He doesn’t understand what is more important than keeping their family together. She digs, “You should have thought about that before believing Gwen’s lies about me.” He realizes he had that coming and will change the appointment to next week. He leaves and Abigail heads through the secret passage.

Abby and Chad talk DAYS

In the cellar, Gwen was expecting Gabi to appear and not Abby. The former nanny realizes Gabi and Abby are in cahoots, and Abigail confirms it. Abby reveals she’s in the DiMera cellar and gloats she’s moved back in and Chad wants her back. Abby promises to release Gwen, as long as she confesses everything that she’s done to her and her family. Abby records the conversation, but Gwen only taunts her about sleeping with Chad and being a better mother to her children than Abby. Gwen also swears she did not murder Laura. Abby warns her there won’t be any room service down there, and the room is soundproof so she can scream all she wants. Abby is sure in time Gwen will confess with the proper motivation and leaves her.

abby outside the dimera tunnels days

Back upstairs, Chad wonders where Abby disappeared to. Anna enters and they discuss his marriage. Anna believes they’ll figure things out. She offers to have him join her and Tony for lunch, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to be the third wheel and will take the kids to the park. Anna assures him things will go back to normal, but Chad worries because all Abby is focused on is Gwen. Anna can’t blame her and advises him to just give Abby time. Anna needs to head to the cellar to grab the perfect wine for her and Tony’s lunch.

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In the cellar, Gwen screams and Anna appears and is shocked to see Gwen.

In Horton Square, Gabi meets with Philip, who delivers bad news: there has been a stop-work order on construction at Gabi Chic. Kate and Jake appear and reveal this was their doing, and Kate is now working with Jake. Jake taunts Gabi that she never should have moved forward without a signed lease, and the owner was only happy to accept their offer to pay more for the storefront. Philip demands a word with his mother privately, so they step aside.

Gabi Chic closed on DAYS

Philip demands the truth from his mother. Kate admits she’s started a new business venture with Jake. Philip accuses his mom of making this personal and warns that she’s playing right into Gabi’s hands where Jake is concerned. Philip points out that if she had stayed out of this, Gabi would have focused on working on her store. But Kate had to throw down the gauntlet, and now Jake and Gabi will be locking horns even more. Kate knows Jake and Gabi are history and are only business rivals. Philip touts they all know how rivalries like this can turn out, and he’d hate to see his mom once again end up alone. He excuses himself to try and find a new space for Gabi Chic.

Philip and Kate do business on DAYS

Back in the square, Gabi seethes and says to Jake that he couldn’t have thought of this move without his mommy, who she warns will eventually take his company and kick him to the curb. Gabi notes she can be just as ruthless as Kate, and when she wants something she goes after it with a vengeance and never gives up. They’re interrupted by Abby, who needs to talk to Gabi and pulls her away.

Gabi and Jake's attraction on DAYS

In the park, Abby asks Gabi to take her to Dr. Rolf’s stash of drugs to find the one that will make Gwen talk. Gabi tells her that it’s not like a pharmacy with instructions on what does what, and asks if she even knows the drug she needs. Abby does because it was on her toxicology report. Suddenly, Chad appears retrieving a ball one of the kids kicked over, and is surprised to see Gabi and Abby together.

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Kate reconnects with Jake in the square and learns Abby interrupted him and Gabi and took her away. He admits it surprised him as he thought they hated one another. Kate finds it puzzling as well.

Kate and Jake plot DAYS

In her cell, Ciara tells Evan that she knows Ben is alive because he came to her in a dream. Evan chuckles that she’s losing it. As they argue, Evan finally confesses that Ben is alive, but not for long. Evan reveals he will kill Ben just like he killed his sister, and there is nothing she can do to stop him. Ciara begs him not to hurt Ben. Evan believes he’s setting the universe right. He fumes that Ben should have died last year but she stopped his execution and took Sonny and David from him. He indicates now he will take Ben from her, and jokes that perhaps he’ll use a necktie to do it. He not only promises to kill Ben but to bring back proof and not a fake newspaper.

Ciara in cage Evan DAYS

At the hospital, Clyde tells Ben over the phone that he has to come to visit him because what he has to say about Ciara he needs to hear in person.

Ben gets important news DAYS

Ben arrives at the prison and meets with Clyde, who confirms Ciara is alive. Clyde fills him in on discovering that Orpheus’ son Christian is now holding her. He hands over the phone Orpheus has been using to contact him and urges Ben to take the phone to the cops and have the number traced. Ben thanks his father.

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Ben visits Clyde on DAYS

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