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Ben sleeps with a book on his chest, as he dreams of finding Ciara in her glass cage. He awakens from the dream and immediately makes a call.

In her cage, Ciara wakes from a similar dream that Ben found her. Evan brings her breakfast and a newspaper with the latest from Salem. Evan taunts her with the front-page story on Ben dying in a motorcycle accident. Ciara refuses to believe it. Evan suggests given Ben believes that she’s dead that maybe he decided to join her. Ciara cries to Ben to give her a sign to let her know he’s still alive.

Ciara in cage Evan DAYS

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Marlena snuggles with John in his hospital bed. She wakes up, and he wishes her a good morning and tells her that she stayed way past visiting hours. Sarah enters with his results and says there is no news of a new aneurism, but she still can’t explain why he blacked out. She suspects it could be an issue with blood pressure, and wonders if anything could have caused a spike. Marlena recalls an upsetting conversation about his granddaughter. John thinks he’s fine and should be cut loose, but Sarah wants to keep him a bit longer. Marlena agrees. The doctor then gets a message that Ben wants to see her, and John urges her to go because he isn’t going anywhere.

Roman visits John and is in disbelief to learn Charlie Dale is walking around free. John admits he lost it when he learned what he did to Allie, and he went to confront him last night. However, he doesn’t recall what happened because that’s when he blacked out in his car. Later, Roman gets news that Charlie is dead, and the cops have a suspect in custody. After Roman departs, John tries to remember what happened, and can only hear a gunshot.

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Marlena meets with Ben in her office, and Ben tells her about searching Rhodes’ place and finding the copy of Alice in Wonderland. He explains his vision of Ciara being held in a glass cage and having a similar book, as if from a set. He asks Marlena to hypnotize him so he can find her. Marlena explains hypnosis doesn’t work that way and she can’t take him someplace he’s never been. Ben swears he’s been there, so Marlena agrees to try. Under hypnosis, Ben sees Ciara in the glass cage and reading Through the Looking Glass. He’s suddenly shocked to see Ciara also has a copy of Romeo and Juliet and recounts his dream of it. Marlena asks what Ciara is doing. Ben details that she’s on the bed and is crying. Ben approaches the glass wall, and Ciara is thrilled to see him. He asks about Rhodes, and she tells him that Rhodes is dead. He wants to know who killed him.

In the interrogation room at the station, Sami fumes to Rafe that she’s been stuck there all night. Rafe says it’s not his fault that Belle didn’t answer when she called. He’ll let her call again but wants to know if she killed Charlie. She won’t speak without a lawyer. He leaves her to make a call and to check on the ballistics report. Sami calls Belle and begs for her help, but Belle doesn’t know why she should after the Jan stunt she pulled. Sami pulls the sister card and claims lives are at stake.

Belle gets a call DAYS

Belle eventually appears at the station and learns from her sister that Rafe believes she killed Charlie. Belle is in shock that Charlie is dead and asks what happened. Sami recounts that Rafe found her at Charlie’s place with his dead body. Belle asks if she killed him, but Sami dodges the question. Belle inquires why she was there. Sami explains how she learned from Lucas that Charlie was not charged, so she flew to Salem and went to his place to confront him. Belle demands Sami tell her if she shot Charlie. Sami can’t believe Belle would think she could do such a thing, so Belle runs down Sami’s list of past crimes, and she can see Sami taking the law into her hands. Sami states she did not kill Charlie, he was already dead when she arrived. Belle asks about the gun. Sami flashes to holding it over his body but claims the gun was on the floor and she didn’t touch it. Belle warns if she finds out Sami is lying then she will quit this case. Sami admits she is scared of what will happen if Belle doesn’t help her. She begs Belle to help her for her kids’ sake and promises to owe her sister for the rest of her life. Belle hopes she doesn’t regret this. Sami hugs her.

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In the station room, Allie learns from Rafe that her mother is with Belle and is a suspect in Charlie’s murder. Allie doesn’t know why Rafe doesn’t just drop this seeing Charlie got what he disserved. Rafe explains this is a murder investigation and he has an obligation to hold his killer accountable. Rafe gets news that the preliminary ballistics are in, so he walks Allie out.

Later, Rafe enters the interrogation room with bad news. He reveals the preliminary ballistics have Sami’s fingerprints all over the gun.

In the prison, Orpheus leaves a message with Evan and is furious that he’s betrayed their plan, which was to exchange Ciara for cash. Clyde walks in and knows he was talking to his son again. Orpheus snaps at him to mind his own business, but Clyde knows he and his boy are up to something involving Ciara. Clyde produces a knife, which prompts Orpheus to suggest they talk. Clyde is done taking, they struggle over the blade, and Clyde stabs Orpheus in the gut and leaves him on the ground.

Clyde beats up Orpheus DAYS

Clyde returns to his cell with Orpheus’ phone and calls the last number. Evan answers and tells his dad to stop calling him. Clyde identifies himself as a friend of his father named Peter and informs him that his father has had an accident. He says Orpheus asked him to help Evan with his plans for Ciara. Evan refuses to ransom Ciara back to her grandfather as his father wants and gloats about his own plan to make her suffer. Evan hangs up the phone.

Back in Marlena’s office, Ben’s session is interrupted by a call from Clyde, who tells his son he has news Ben needs to hear.

In her cell, Ciara accuses Evan of giving her a fake paper. She warns him that Ben is alive and is coming for her.

Roman pays a visit to Allie at her place. He wanted to check on her having just got the news about Charlie. He heard they have a suspect in custody but doesn’t know who. Allie reveals it’s Sami.

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