Chad surprises Abigail at DiMera mansion Days
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Jack is on the phone with Jennifer talking about the Abby and Gwen situation. They hope the sisters can learn to be civil to each other. Jennifer urges him to try to let go of some of his guilt.

Chad and Jack discuss Abigail and Gwen at Horton House Days

Chad drops by the Horton house looking for Abigail. Jack lets him in and admits she’s not there and they didn’t part on good terms. He talks about how hard Gwen’s life has been and Chad points out that Abby’s has been pretty grim as well. Jack knows all that, but it doesn’t change that he needs to care for his other daughter too. He believes Gwen when she says the death was an accident. He’s sure she would have tried to get rid of the body if it had been murder. Chad rails about everything Gwen has done and Jack insists he’s only trying to keep Abigail from being pushed over the edge. The DiMera is frustrated that he can’t help Abigail thanks to Gwen and his own stupidity.

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Sarah walks in on a seamstress adjusting Xander’s kilt in his room, although from her angle, it looks like something very different is happening. Once that’s straightened out, he explains that he’s wearing it to the wedding. When the seamstress leaves, Xander worries the wedding is off since she came back without a dress and is cranky. They make out.

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Kayla meets with Steve outside of the pub and complains about work. She’s just looking forward to dinner.

They head inside, where Justin and Bonnie are the only other diners. She invites them to join them but they turn her down. Bonnie gets upset and runs out. Justin isn’t thrilled. Steve doesn’t see why he should care about Bonnie’s feelings. Before Justin can walk out, Steve apologizes for not being a diplomatic dude. Justin complains no one is making it easy for Bonnie to change. Kayla takes Steve aside to say they should have dinner with whoever Justin suggests. He agrees and returns to apologize to Justin again. Steve can understand him finding comfort with Bonnie since she looks just like Adrienne. The Kiriakis thanks him. He has his own misgivings about Bonnie but she makes him laugh. They arrange a double-date. Left alone, Kayla and Steve talk about how great it is to finally be alone until Jack interrupts.

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Abigail bangs on Gwen’s door until Gabi opens. She reveals that Gwen is unconscious on the bed. Abby wonders if she’s dead. She’s not. The women bicker about what to do next. Gabi doesn’t appreciate Abby’s unhelpful aphorisms. Once they bundle Gwen into the laundry cart, they wheel it out.

As they are wheeling the cart through the town square, they stop to argue loudly until Bonnie interrupts. She’s surprised they don’t have people to do their laundry. When they say it’s not laundry, she says, “You have a body in there, don’t you?” They laugh and try to change the subject. Bonnie thinks wheeling a body out in public would be at the level of stupidity common to the people of Salem. They claim they are just smuggling Gabi Chic signs. Bonnie doesn’t buy it and keeps poking holes in their excuses.

Eventually, Abigail and Gabi end up in the garden and smuggle the cart through a secret door into the DiMera mansion.

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Abigail leaves Gabi with Gwen in the basement cell.

When Abigail sneaks through the secret passage into the living room, she’s startled to bump into Chad.

Justin finds Bonnie moping in the square and tells her about the date idea. She doesn’t want to put him in the middle of anything. He assures her he’s on her side.

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