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At the Horton House, Jack tells Abby that he spoke to her mother, who has her hands full dealing with Laura’s estate in Boston. Jack also lets Abby know that Gwen stopped by, and he told her that as his daughter she can count on him. Abby hates the situation, so Jack advises it would be best if she stays away from Gwen, especially after she attacked Gwen at Laura’s grave. Abigail fumes that Gwen came to gloat about Laura’s death and Gwen swore to kill the person who lied to her about her father. The two argue over whether Gwen killed Laura, and Jack believes it was an accident. Abby is left in disbelief that Jack is defending her.

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Jack hates what Gwen has done to them, but she is his daughter and has had a terrible life. She understands why he would want to help Gwen because he is a good person, but nothing that happened to Gwen was his fault. She rants that people grow up with horrible childhoods all the time and don’t turn out to be monsters. She begs her father not to let Gwen play him as she played her. Jack needs to give Gwen a chance and hopes she can forgive him one day. Abby cries, “There is nothing to forgive, and you did nothing wrong!” Abby can’t forgive or forget what Gwen has done, and she will never accept her. Abigail tells her dad that he can’t be on her side and on Gwen’s, and he has to choose. Jack begs her not to make him do this, but she wants him to protect her and this family. He knows this is hard for her, but he can’t turn his back on Gwen. Abby knows Gwen killed her grandmother and vows to prove it. She walks out and slams the door.

Jack calls Jennifer and tells her about his talk with Abby, who is fixated on the idea that Gwen killed Laura. Jennifer knows she feels that way, and her feelings are understandable. Jennifer also knows he feels he has an obligation to Gwen. She tells Jack not to be hard on himself or Abigail, and she’s sure this will work out eventually.

At Lani and Eli’s, Lani is shocked to see her Aunt Paulina at her door. They embrace, Lani invites her in, and she introduces Eli to her Aunt Paulina Price. Paulina pulls him into a big hug and then admires his muscles. Abe appears, and Lani introduces her father. Paulina quips, “So this is the man who knocked up my sister!” Abe promises that he had no idea her sister was pregnant when she left Salem. Paulina says she was just messing with him and laughs.

Lani is thrilled to see her aunt but wonders what she’s doing in Salem after all this time. Paulina has come to see the twins, and Lani introduces her to them. Paula promises to spoil them rotten and drops the fact that she is very rich.

At John and Marlena’s place, Kristen wishes she could take off the Susan disguise and hold her daughter. She thinks maybe she should go to Brady and be honest about everything. The doorbell rings and she assume it’s Chloe again and grabs a letter opener to deal with her for good. She’s shocked to find Philip at the door. He enters and wanted to see how Brady was doing. “Susan” tells him that he’s still resting. Philip asks her to tell him that he stopped by and give him a box of his favorite cigars he brought. He feels bad that he’s the reason Brady was shot. “Susan” informs him the only one to blame is that slutty songbird. “Susan” rants about Chloe’s part in all of this, and how she keeps rubbing her bazooms in Brady’s face.

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Philip swears Chloe would never want Brady hurt given how she feels about him. “Susan” demands to know how Chloe feels. Philip believes Chloe is romantically interested in Brady, and he wonders why “Susan” is so interested in Chloe and Brady. “Susan” insists she’s come to care about Brady and his daughter since she’s been staying there, and she feels bad that Kristen is in prison and Chloe is moving in on him. Philip points out all he said is he thinks Chloe may still have feelings for him. He also thinks the longer Kristen is in prison the more of a chance something may happen between Brady and Chloe. “Susan” tells him, “Not if you do something!” “Susan” claims to have the gift, and she has seen and felt the connection between him and Chloe. She urges him to fight because he belongs with Chloe. “Susan” suggests he call her up and ask her out to dinner. He agrees to call.

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Gabi stops by Gwen’s room at The Salem Inn to let her know that they are officially even for the sleeping with Jake thing and Gwen letting Gabi take the rap for drugging Abigail. Gwen is shocked because she expected Gabi would want revenge. Gabi says Abby said the same about Gwen, and Abby is out for blood because Gwen killed her nana. Gwen swears she didn’t. Gabi warns Gwen that Abby wanted to work with her to take Gwen down. However, she turned her down, because she hates Abby a lot more than she does Gwen. Gabi proposes they join forces against Abigail. Gwen likes the idea, thinks it deserves a toast and opens some champagne.

Later, Abigail shows up at Gwen’s door and knocks and tells her to open up. Gabi opens the door and informs her the plan worked, and Gwen is out cold.

Sarah runs into Chloe in Salem Place and tells her that she’s window shopping for her upcoming wedding to Xander. Chloe advises she run for the hills. Chloe goes over her history with Xander and the Mexican drug cartel. Sarah knows Xander wasn’t always the most admirable person, but he’s worked to change and has earned her forgiveness. Chloe is happy for her and is sorry for butting in. She thinks Susan is rubbing off on her. Chloe fills her in about “Susan” staying with Brady, and it seems like she has a thing for Brady.

After hearing about the latest events, Sarah feels it sounds like “Susan” is jealous of Chloe, and she wonders if there is something going on between Chloe and Brady. Chloe feels responsible for what happened to Brady and that is it. She knows Brady loves Kristen, but Sarah reminds her that Kristen could be in prison for years and a lot could happen in that time. Chloe assures her there is nothing going on between her and Brady and never will be. Sarah has to get going but says it was good to see her.

Chloe gets a call from Philip, who asks her if she’d like to have dinner. She was planning to stop by and see Brady tonight, but Philip says he’s there and Brady is asleep and probably will be for the rest of the night according to Susan. He again extends the offer, which she calls sweet, but has decided to call it a night and go home

Back at John and Marlena’s, Philip informs “Susan” that her vibes are wrong, and it seems Brady is the only one Chloe is interested in whether she admits it or not. Philip departs, and Kristen rants she will have to take care of Chloe herself.

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