Jack tells Abby he will support Gwen at Horton house Days of our Lives
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Abby approaches Gabi in the square outside of Gabichic. Bluntly, Abby asks if she’s going to help her nail Gwen. Gabi doesn’t know why she should care, especially since Abby is lousy at revenge. They bicker about all the things Gwen has done and Gabi admits revenge isn’t satisfying anymore. Abby refuses to seek retribution without her help and offers her whatever she wants in exchange. Gabi agrees to help if she breaks up Jake and Kate for her. That’s going too far for Abby, especially since Jake is a nice guy. When Gabi threatens to walk, Abby changes her mind and agrees to her offer.

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In Boston, Jenn calls Jack to let him know that selling her mom’s house is going to take longer than she thought. He tells her there’s no rush and he misses her.

Gwen thanks Jack at home Days of our Lives

Gwen shows up at the Horton house. Jack lets her in and she tells him how grateful she is that he believes her. Jack insists that he didn’t do much. She swears she didn’t kill Laura on purpose, regardless of what Abigail thinks. He points out that she’s done a lot of damage to Abby. He may care about her, but he’s also onto her. Gwen doubts she’ll ever be welcomed into the family and worries he may be setting her up. He admits that he did a background check and knows she’s been telling the truth. She’s not used to people standing up for her. Jack says to get used to it. He can’t make up for the years he lost but promises not to abandon her. She nearly cries when he hugs her. Jack offers to make some calls to see how the investigation is going.

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“Susan” (Kristen in disguise) is about to bring Brady his short stack when Chloe shows up with zucchini muffins. Susan tries to give her the boot, but the diva wants Brady to decide what he wants for breakfast. Brady strolls into the middle of this, eager for some muffins. Susan slaps the muffin out of his hands and shoves her short stack in his face. It’s cold. Chloe is about to leave but Brady insists she stay. When she pulls out some work, Susan tries to stop them from going into the bedroom to do it. Brady doesn’t understand why she’s being so protective. Becoming distraught, she worries about him getting shot again and what that would do to John. As she weeps, Brady comforts her.

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Lani visits "Kristen" in prison Days of our Lives

At the prison, “Kristen” (Susan in disguise) weeps when Lani shows her picture of her kids. She blurts out that her child is in Italy. Lani is perplexed as Kristen looks away to adjust her teeth. Sitting down, Kristen makes excuses. Things get more confusing as she talks about gelato and Lani remembers the time they spent in Rome together. Kristen gets frazzled talking about Brady and suggests the person who attacked him is in plain sight: Chloe Lane. Lani doesn’t see how she could even know that Chloe is around Brady. She urges her not to be paranoid and tries to get her to open up. After reminding her of how they used to talk to God in the convent, she says a prayer. Kristen adds a prayer about Brady not being tempted by Chloe in her push-up bra. She requests that Lani bring her some food from the pub next time. Once she’s left alone, she senses Lani is about to have an unexpected visitor.

Abe and Eli discuss Lani and Kristen outside pub Days of our Lives

Outside of the pub, Abe and Eli discuss the investigation. Abe doesn’t want anyone thinking vigilante justice is okay. The topic turns to Eli’s family and Lani spending time with Kristen. Neither of them is in love with Lani’s loyalty to that woman. Eli doesn’t have much choice but to take Lani’s word that Kristen has changed. Abe volunteers to help with the babies and they head off.

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Paulina arrives at Lani's Days of our Lives

When Lani gets home, she finds Eli with Abe. Suddenly, her aunt Paulina (played by Jackée Harry) shows up.

Abigail arrives at the Horton house and chats with Jack about her mom. He explains that Gwen was just there and he told her that she can count on him. Abby hates that. Her father suggests she stay away from Gwen.

Gabi shows up at Gwen’s hotel room.

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