Sami shows up at Charlie's place on Days of Our Lives
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Eli tells Lani that Julie has a family dress she wants them to use for the twins’ christening. Lani agrees to take back the one she bought for Jules. Lani talks about visiting Kristen, but she fears leaving the kids with anyone, even Julie, after what happened. He points out she can’t take the twins if she wants to visit her friend in prison.

Susan gets used to being Kristen on Days of Our Lives

Susan calls Kristen at John and Marlena’s. She’s upset there’s no ice cream sundae bar in prison. Ben and Claire knock on the door, prompting Kristen to hang up with Susan. She reluctantly lets Ben and Claire in as they tell “Susan” about her visions coming true. Ben gives her Rhodes’ book and asks her to get something off it. She’s their last hope. “Susan” plays along, but doesn’t feel anything. Claire points out she did it differently last time and Ben asks her to try again. “Susan” gets irritated and asks them to leave. She can’t just turn on her visions like a light switch. Ben thanks her for trying and they exit.

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Back at the prison, Lani arrives as Susan spits out her orange Jell-O. “Kristen” gets flustered, so she asks Lani to talk about herself. Lani tells her about Vivian taking her kids, which is why she’s in prison now. “Kristen” gets riled up. She will see what she can do to avenge her. Lani reminds her that would only keep her there longer than she needs to be. “Kristen” says she’ll only be there a month no matter what. “Kristen” covers when Lani questions her declaration. Next, Lani shows her photos of Jules and Carver. “Kristen” tears up looking at them. Lani feels bad knowing Kristen can’t be with her own baby. When “Kristen” sighs over her baby being in Italy, a confused Lani corrects her — Rachel is in Salem.

Lani visits Susan as Kristen in prison on Days of Our Lives

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At home, Allie tells Nicole about Claire’s failed plan to record Charlie and how she needed to put him behind her. He was taking over her whole life, but now Allie will forget about him like he never existed. Nicole asks if she can really do that. Allie tells her how Tripp accepted her apology and how great he was with Henry. She has a lot of good things in her life, so she won’t focus on the negative. As far as she’s concerned, Charlie Dale is dead to her.

At Charlie’s place, Rafe questions Sami about what she’s doing at the dead rapist’s apartment. Did she shoot him? She says she doesn’t have to answer his questions. He counters that she does. She can do it there or at the precinct. Sami remains silent. Rafe calls in Charlie’s death as a possible homicide.

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Rafe points his gun at Sami on Days of Our Lives

Rafe brings Sami to the interrogation room. He asks her why she came back to Salem. She explains Lucas told her there weren’t going to be charges brought against Charlie, who claimed sex with Allie was consensual. She thinks he got what was coming to him and asks if Rafe thinks she did it. Rafe knows she would be screaming from the top of her lungs if she felt she was being railroaded. Instead, she’s eerily silent. So, yeah, he thinks she could have done it. He wants to help her if he can, but it’s in her best interest to tell him the truth. Sami asks for a lawyer.

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Tripp visits Ava at Rafe’s house. She tells him Charlie threatened to kill him. Tripp responds there’s nothing Charlie can do to him now. Ava also explains that Rafe went to check on a gunshot heard at Charlie’s. Eli stops by and tells Ava her son, Charlie Dale, is dead. Ava assumes he took his own life. Eli relays the police are talking to a person of interest, but there hasn’t been an arrest. He needs them to account for their whereabouts last night. Ava says she was at Rafe’s and Tripp explains he was at Ava’s apartment with two cops outside the door. When Eli leaves, Ava admits she’s glad Charlie is dead.

Eli visits Claire at home and tells her Charlie was shot dead. Claire flashes back to her conversation with Allie about killing Charlie.

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Rafe comes to Nicole’s place. He tells her and Allie that Charlie is dead and they have someone in custody — Sami.

Sami sits alone in the interrogation room. She flashes back to standing over Charlie’s dead body with a gun and saying, “You got what you deserve.”

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