Rafe draws gun at Charlie's on Days of Our Lives
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Ciara startles awake after dreaming about Ben finding her in the cage. At the same time, Ben jolts awake yelling Ciara’s name in his own bed. Evan brings Ciara food, but she doesn’t want it. She reiterates that Ben will find her. She knows he heard her on the phone and that he’s looking for her right now. Orpheus calls Evan, who confirms Rhodes has been taking care of and that Ciara is warming up to him. Ciara defiantly smashes her breakfast on the glass wall. Orpheus instructs Evan to take photos of Ciara and text them to him. He needs them to blackmail Victor into getting him out of prison. Evan isn’t onboard with the plan. He feels he’s being used. When his father tries to appeal to him, Evan says he feels like he’s in control for the first time in his life and he won’t let it go.

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Ciara reads in the glass cage on Days of Our Lives

After Orpheus hangs up with Evan, Clyde approaches. He knows Orpheus was talking to his son. He wonders if it has something to do with Ciara. Orpheus orders him to mind his own business, but Clyde says this is his business. He will get to the bottom of it.

Back at the cage, Ciara tells Evan he should totally offer her up for ransom money. He counters there are more important things than money.

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Ben tells Claire about his dream on Days of Our Lives

Claire apologizes to Shawn on the phone about sneaking out. She assures him she’s home and perfectly safe. Ben shows up and tells her about his weird dream of Ciara behind a glass wall. The details were so vivid. So real. She wonders if he and Ciara were having the same dream again. Ben tells her about his trip to Statesville and how he learned about Rhodes, who has a tattoo of a shark, which was in Susan’s vision. He thought Shawn would have told her, but she relays a lot happened last night.

Claire fills Ben in on trying to get Charlie’s confession. Though she failed, she’s pretty sure Charlie Dale won’t come near her again. Ben calls her a badass, but she thinks she’s an idiot for falling for Charlie in the first place. She just channeled her anger into trying to help someone. Now, she will do anything she can to help Ben find Ciara. She thinks Susan can help them find Rhodes. She suggests they get Rhodes’ box of stuff for Susan to touch to get a feeling off of.

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Claire listens to Ben on Days of Our LivesClaire and Ben go through Rhodes’ things at Ben’s place. Claire finds the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Ben asks to see it. After studying it, he tells Claire that book was in his dream. Wherever Ciara is, she has Rhodes’ books.

At home, Marlena questions John about what happened last night. She can’t believe he left without a word and returned with no explanation. John apologizes, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his run-in with Charlie. His brain went on autopilot and he just drove. He didn’t stop until he ended up at Charlie’s place. He can’t remember anything after that. He only knows he was filled with rage and a blinding pain hit him. She wants him to get checked out at the hospital.

After Marlena gets John settled in his hospital room, she leaves to check on things. Alone, John hears a gunshot in his head.

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John looks guilty on Days of Our Lives

As Ava makes Rafe breakfast in the morning, he wonders why she didn’t sleep in her bed. She says she got up early and made it. Rafe thought she went to see Charlie to take matters into her own hands. She admits to feeling guilty over Charlie’s actions since he grew up without love. She recalls feeling devastated over losing Tripp and feeling nothing when Charlie was born. She wonders what kind of mother doesn’t love their own child.

Ava explains herself to Rafe on Days of Our Lives

After cleaning up, Rafe tells Ava he knows her father put her through hell. She agrees Charlie was a reminder of what she lost. She tried to act like a real mother when his father brought him around, but she knows Charlie saw right through her. Rafe grabs her hand when Ava says she’s the reason Charlie turned into a monster. She worries he’ll continue to commit horrible, violent crimes. Rafe suggests he get help, but Ava doesn’t think a shrink or meds will do the trick. He has no motivation to turn his life around. Rafe gets a call about someone hearing a gunshot at Charlie’s. Ava wonders if he killed himself. Rafe promises to call and let her know how it turns out. He leaves.

Rafe enters Charlie’s apartment and finds him lifeless on the ground with blood all over his shirt. As he makes a call, Sami enters.

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Sami shows up at Charlie's on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Rafe brings in a suspect and Ben and Claire pay “Susan” another visit.

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