John grabs Charlie on Days of Our Lives
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Nicole and Rafe bring Ava to Rafe’s place. When Ava goes to settle in, Nicole thanks Rafe. He declares he’s only doing it for her. Nicole says she’s lucky to have him as a friend. Not just because of Ava, but because he listens to her about Eric. Rafe reiterates that he’s there for her. She reciprocates the sentiment and they grab hands. Ava returns as they pull back.

After Nicole leaves to pick up some of Ava’s things, Ava thanks Rafe for everything. She looks forward to Charlie going to jail, so she can safely go home. Until then, they should be honest with each other. Ava knows he’s not her biggest fan, but she vows she’s headed in a better direction. Nicole helped her realize she wants to lead a better life. She confides in Rafe that all she wants is to be worthy of Tripp’s inexplicable love.

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After dinner with John and Rachel, Marlena visits Allie at Nicole’s. Allie tells her grandmother about Tripp’s visit. Marlena is happy they made peace. Allie notes Henry has so many strong women in his life. It’d be nice for him to have a good man around too.

Claire explains to Belle on Days of Our Lives

After Charlie leaves Belle’s place, Belle tells her shocked daughter that Charlie doesn’t deserve to live. Claire can’t believe she didn’t just grab her phone and run when she had his confession. Belle is so proud of her for trying to help Allie, but tells her to never do anything like that again. Shawn texts Belle that he’s on his way home. Claire’s too upset to wait for him and goes to bed.

When Shawn comes home, he learns from a rattled Belle about their encounter with Charlie. Shawn is sorry Belle had to deal with it alone. He wants to check on Claire, but Belle suggests he let her sleep.

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Shawn consoles Belle on Days of Our Lives

After sneaking out, Claire shows up at Allie’s. She tells her about Charlie’s confession that he deleted. She’s so sorry she blew it. Allie is grateful she even tried. Claire beats herself up for believing Charlie’s good guy act in the first place. Claire wants to make him pay. Allie thinks it’s time to stop relying on everyone else to take Charlie down and do it herself.

Allie and Claire talk in the kitchen on Days of Our Lives

John runs into Charlie in the park. John grabs him and orders him to stay away from Claire and Allie. Charlie tells John that Claire tried to record him, but he stopped her. John grabs him again demanding to know what he did to Claire. Charlie insists he didn’t hurt her, but tells John that he and Claire need to stay away from him. John growls back that Charlie’s a dead man should he go near either one of his granddaughters. Charlie wrestles free while suggesting John look into anger management classes. John calmly tells him to walk away.

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Marlena is worried about John on Days of Our Lives

Marlena finds John in the park after he texts her. He tells Marlena about his encounter with Charlie.

John and Marlena arrive at Belle and Shawn’s. John gets increasingly upset as they compare notes about Charlie. John says he’d rather kill him when Shawn talks about going through proper channels to make him pay. Marlena calms her husband down and they leave. Shawn asks Belle to check on Claire as he calls Rafe.

Marlena makes tea at home, as John stews. He grabs his keys and leaves.

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As Steve and Tripp eat in the Square, Tripp tells his dad he accepted Allie’s apology. He beams as he recounts helping her with Henry. Tripp would like to be there for him because Henry will need him in his life. Charlie walks up and says, “Like hell he will.” Steve stands up and warns that if the authorities don’t take care of Charlie, he will. When Tripp gets involved, Charlie tells his brother he can have their mother, but Henry is his.

Steve and Tripp talk in the Square on Days of Our Lives

After Charlie leaves, Tripp worries his brother will get away with everything and get his hands on Henry. Steve knows the road will end for Charlie soon. Tripp won’t take that chance. Steve asks what he’s going to do. Tripp doesn’t know, but he’ll figure something out… and fast.

Steve and Tripp confront Charlie in the Square on Days of Our Lives

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Charlie finds Nicole outside Ava’s door. Nicole orders him to stay away, but Charlie blames Ava for everything that’s gone wrong for him. He rants about Ava loving Tripp more and how Tripp wants to raise Henry. He’d rather see Tripp dead than anywhere near his son. He pauses and then says that’s not a bad idea. With Tripp out of the picture maybe Ava would have enough love for him.

Nicole returns to Rafe’s place and tells them about running into Charlie. Rafe steps away to take Shawn’s call, as Nicole gives Ava more details. Ava says maybe it’s on her to take Charlie out.

Someone knocks on Charlie’s door as he paces at home. He opens the door and holds up his hands. He says, “Don’t shoot.”

Charlie's hands are up in surrender on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben and Ciara have another dream and Marlena questions John’s whereabouts.

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