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After Allie gets Henry to sleep at Nicole’s, Tripp knocks on the door. He surprises her by offering his forgiveness. Tripp knows she was just Charlie’s victim. Allie would like to think there’s some good in Charlie for Henry’s sake. She leaves to get her son when Henry cries.

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Allie helps Tripp hold Henry

Allie brings a crying Henry out to Tripp. He holds him while she gets him a bottle. She smiles as Tripp tries to comfort him. He offers to help her with Henry if Nicole is ever too busy. Allie takes a calmer Henry back and tries to get him to sleep. Tripp gets a goofy grin on his face as she exits the room.

Allie happy on Days of Our Lives

When Allie returns again, Tripp says he’s a big fan of Henry’s. He then wipes applesauce off her face. After Tripp leaves, Allie falls back on the door and smiles.

Charlie shows up at Claire’s after she calls him over. She discreetly presses record on her phone as she tells him she believes he raped Allie. He wonders why she invited him over then. She says she can get past it because she has screwed up too. She believes he deserves a second chance. Claire says she wants to give their relationship another try. Charlie thinks that’s amazing. She says they need to rebuild trust though — no more secrets or lies. He agrees. She asks him to be honest with her about Allie. He hesitates, but ultimately admits he raped her.

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Chloe reads over Brady's shoulder on Days of Our Lives

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At John and Marlena’s, Susan finds Chloe helping Brady get comfortable at a desk. She steps out to the hallway when Kristen calls. Susan confirms she had her hair bleached blonde to look just like her doppelganger. Her teeth are next. Kristen says she pulled a lot of strings to get her a new set of pearly whites and orders Susan not to screw it up.

Back inside, Chloe and Brady do some work for Basic Black and then talk about Philip. Chloe admits that Philip kissed her. Brady thinks it was brazen of Philip, as Chloe insists she’s not interested. They get back to work, but Brady can’t let his issues with Philip go. When Brady says it’s time to change his bandage, Chloe offers to help.

After Kristen hangs up with Susan in the prison, Vivian appears. She knows all about Kristen’s trading places plan with Susan. Kristen tries to deny it, but eventually cops to it. Vivian tells her she’ll keep quiet if Kristen breaks up Kate and Jake. Kristen will do her best, but says Vivian needs to help her with one more thing. She whispers it in Vivian’s ear.

Susan flashes her teeth when she visits Kristen at the prison. She gives Kristen a key to Marlena’s, but suggests the plan is too risky. When Vivian returns, Kristen says it’s all going down now. Vivian fakes a heart attack and Kristen calls for a guard.

When Vivian returns, she finds Susan alone and dressed as Kristen.

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Susan finds Chloe getting handsy with Brady on Days of Our Lives

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Kristen shows up to John and Marlena’s dressed as Susan. She finds Chloe tending to a shirtless Brady when she opens the door.

Roman interrupts Kayla and Steve who are making out in the middle of Brady’s Pub. He’s just returned from visiting Carrie and Austin who are very much back together. The happy couple share they are officially remarried for the last time. The Johnsons also catch Roman up on Tripp and Charlie. When Roman learns Charlie didn’t go to prison, they discuss vigilante justice. Kayla’s not in favor of it, but prays Charlie gets the justice he deserves. Steve and Roman exchange looks.

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