Shawn and Ben view a mugshot on Days of Our Lives
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At Titan, Philip needles Kate about Gabi running back to Jake if Titan doesn’t take her deal. Kate declares she’s not threatened by Gabi, but Philip thinks she should be. He knows Gabi is ruthless and hates to lose. Kate assures her son she knows all about Gabi’s tactics and she trusts Jake. After more back and forth, including digs about each other’s love lives, Philip tells his mother he was already going to make the deal with Gabi. Kate is happy to hear it, but suggests he keep things professional. She informs Philip they might be competition soon.

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In the Square, Gabi tells Jake she met with Philip about Gabi Chic. She says letting her get away will be the biggest mistake he ever made. He could have had her and Gabi Chic. Instead, he’ll end up with nothing. Gabi does her best to entice him, but Jake stays strong. He tells Gabi Kate makes him happy. She’s all he wants. Gabi knows the night they spent together haunts him and that he’s terrified of how much he still wants her. Jake lets out a long sigh as she walks away.

Clyde gives Ben a tip on Days of Our Lives

Ben waits for Vincent in the prison visitors’ room. Clyde sits down instead and tells him Vincent was found dead in his cell. Ben accuses his father of killing him. Clyde thinks Vincent got what he deserved, but insists it wasn’t him. He thought Ben would be happy to hear the news, but Ben counters Vincent had answers about Ciara, who is alive. Clyde scoffs after hearing Ben’s story about the fortune cookie and Susan Banks’ visions. Clyde wants to believe him, but he needs proof. Ben tells him Ciara called him. Clyde wonders where she could be. Ben says Vincent is the only person who knows, but Clyde thinks otherwise. He relays Vincent was expecting a visitor. If Ben can find out who it was, he might be able to find Ciara.

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After Ben leaves, Orpheus approaches Clyde, who thanks him for the tip about Ben’s visit. They talk about their sons and Clyde shares Ben thinks Ciara is still alive. Orpheus makes cryptic comments about Ciara’s whereabouts.

Abigail lunges at Gwen on Days of Our Lives

In the cemetery, Abigail accuses Gwen of intentionally killing Laura. Gwen insists it was an accident, but wonders what Abigail would do it if wasn’t. Abigail says she’ll give her a real black eye this time and lunges for her. Shawn, who was paying respects to Ciara nearby, breaks them up. When they don’t back off each other, Shawn takes them both to the station.

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Shawn handcuffs both Abigail and Gwen to chairs in the police department interrogation room. He tells them they need to learn to coexist and leaves them to hash out their issues. Abigail tries to goad Gwen into admitting to killing Laura in cold blood, but Gwen doesn’t bite.

Shawn arrests Abigail and Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Ben enters the squad room to talk to Shawn about Ciara. He tells his brother-in-law why he thinks Ciara is alive and that he has a lead from the prison visitors log. Shawn puts the man’s name in the database and steps away to take a call from the D.A.

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Shawn returns to Abigail and Gwen. The D.A. agreed they can bring charges against each other, which would require them to share a cell, or they can walk away. They agree to let it go.

When Shawn leaves the interrogation room, he sees they got a match on Vincent’s visitor, whose alias is Rhodes. Ben looks at the photo and sees a tattoo of a shark. They head out to the address on file.

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When Rhodes brings Ciara breakfast in her cage, he tells her Vincent is dead. Ciara thinks he can let her go now, but Rhodes corrects her — he has a new boss now. He can’t tell her who he is though. As he assures her no one is coming to save her, someone enters and shoots Rhodes.

Gwen returns to Laura’s grave. She cries as she says she is so sorry about what happened in the hotel room.

Abigail and Gabi run into each other outside Brady’s Pub. Abigail says they need to talk.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abby has a proposition for Gabi and Ciara is visited by a familiar face.

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