Xander proposes, Sarah offers cake on Days of Our Lives
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After her hospital shift, Sarah sneaks into Xander’s Salem Inn room with a cake box. She crawls into bed to wake him up. She’s sorry she couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with him, but hopes to make it up to him. They start to kiss, but Sarah yawns. She talks about the surgery she had to perform and how she slept uncomfortably in the on-call room. She felt bad leaving him alone especially after quitting Titan. Sarah asks if Xander regrets what he did. He doesn’t. He’s excited to see what’s next. Sarah offers him his favorite cake for breakfast, but there’s something he’d like to do first.

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Sarah tells Xander about her night on Days of Our Lives

Xander puts the cake box down and tells her he doesn’t know what he’ll do career-wise, but he’s made another decision. He’s sure it’s the right one. Xander pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. Sarah looks at him stunned. He gets on one knee and promises to never hurt her again like he did last year. He will spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy. “What do you say?” he asks. Panicked, Sarah grabs the pastry box and says, “Let’s have cake.” Xander’s confused, but Sarah orders him to open the box. When he does, he sees “Will you marry me” written in icing. Xander smiles and says, “Okay. I’ll have some cake.” He laughs and grabs her. “Of course I’ll marry you.” She jumps in his arms and they kiss.

Sarah and Xander get engaged on Days of Our Lives

As Doug, Jennifer, and Jack mourn Laura at home, Julie brings Jennifer her favorite pancakes. Jennifer says she had a bad experience with them once so she’ll pass. Jack can’t believe the way he treated Laura before she died, but Julie blames Gwen for everything. Jennifer interrupts Julie’s tirade to remind her she’s talking about Jack’s daughter. Jennifer assures Jack she doesn’t blame him. He had every right to be angry with Laura. Julie apologizes for making things worse. Jennifer declares none of them are at their best. She suggests they remain calm and remember how lucky they are to have each other. Later, Jennifer talks to JJ on the phone. She tells him she’s going to Mike’s in Boston to sort out Laura’s affairs after the funeral.

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At the DiMera mansion, Abigail tells Chad she thinks Gwen killed Laura on purpose. Chad points out there’s no proof. Abigail says she will take a page out of Gwen’s book and make her pay. When Abigail becomes upset, Chad holds her and offers to go to the funeral with her.

Chad consoles Abigail on Days of Our Lives

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Jake and Kate enter the room and offer Abigail their condolences. Abigail says she was just on her way out and asks Chad if he’s coming. Once they’re gone, Jake asks Kate if she’s going to work with him at DiMera. She hasn’t decided yet. Kate sees an online article about Xander resigning from Titan, making Philip sole CEO. Before Jake leaves for work, Kate asks for more time to make a decision about his job offer. Alone, Kate wonders what Philip isn’t telling her.

At the cemetery, Jennifer cries to Jack about never seeing her mother again. Jack embraces her and offers to take her home. Jennifer says she needs to be at Julie’s Place with the people who loved Laura. After they leave, Chad tells Abigail he’ll go home, but Abigail would like him to stay. She thanks him for being there for her. Chad knows he doesn’t always act like it, but being with her and the kids means everything to him. She asks him to go be with them and tell them she’s okay.

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Jake finds Gwen reading Jennifer’s article about Laura’s death in the Square. He says offing “the granny” is a new low for her and that she destroyed Abigail this time. Gwen again rants about Abigail getting everything while she got nothing. Jake isn’t moved. An emotional Gwen recounts how she tried to protect herself from Laura, but no one believes her death was an accident. Jake detects Gwen is scared she’ll actually have to pay for something she did. Gwen insists she’s not scared because she didn’t do anything wrong.

Gabi enters the Titan office expecting to see Xander, but Philip tells her it’s just him now. She tells him about her verbal agreement with Xander, but he says if Xander thought it was a good deal, that’s all he needs to know. He starts to toss it, but she stops him.

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As Gabi tries to change Philip’s mind, Kate enters. After learning they may be going into business together, Kate encourages Philip to go for it. Gabi snipes at Kate about Jake until Philip agrees to look over Gabi’s proposal. She leaves.

As Jake makes a call, he sees Gabi walking into the Square.

At Laura’s grave, Abigail thanks her grandmother for everything she did for their family. She promises Gwen won’t get away with what she did. She looks up and sees Gwen.

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