Lucas grabs Charlie on Days of Our Lives
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At his place, Ben answers a call from an unknown number. He says, “Ciara?” From her cell, Ciara says, “I can’t believe I got through to you,” but all Ben can hear is static. Ciara begs Ben not to hang up when Rhodes returns. Ciara yells that she loves Ben as Rhodes grabs the phone from her. Ben worriedly yells, “Ciara? Is that you?” He begs her to say something, but the call ends. He frantically runs out.

Ben desperate on the phone on Days of Our Lives

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Rhodes calmly tells Ciara how angry he is that she pulled another stunt. She wonders if he’s so angry he wants to kill her. Rhodes won’t kill her, but he warns her not to cross him again. She has no idea what he’s capable of. When alone again, Ciara cries. She knows in her heart Ben heard her.

Rhodes visits Orpheus in the prison visitor’s room.

Claire runs into Charlie in the park. She’s shocked to learn the charges against him were dropped. He admits to having sex with Allie, but says it was consensual. Claire tries to walk away, but Charlie wants her to hear him out. He lies that Allie came on to him that night in London. As for letting Tripp take the rap, Charlie says he was afraid of losing Claire if he confessed to having a one-night-stand with her cousin. He tells Claire how much he loves her. Charlie holds her hand asking if she feels the same way he does. She tells him he is disgusting and recounts what Allie remembered from that night. She tries to walk away, but Charlie angrily grabs her wrist.

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Ben protects Claire from Charlie on Days of Our Lives

Ben shows up and pushes Charlie off Claire. She tells Charlie he is nothing to her and walks away. Ben threatens Charlie away from Claire and then follows her.

Ben leads a shaken Claire to the bench outside Brady’s Pub. He promises to never let that “dirtbag” bother her again. He then tells Claire that Ciara called him. Ben knows he heard her voice through all the static. Claire is doubtful, but Ben insists it was real. He’s never been so sure of anything in his life. Claire thinks Susan can help them.

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Allie tends to Marlena as she recuperates from food poisoning at home. Allie tells her grandmother how terrible she feels about accusing Tripp of raping her. She won’t blame him if he never forgives her. Marlena reassures her and suggests she focus on the future, but Allie is having trouble sleeping. All she can see is Charlie attacking her when she closes her eyes. She’s scared it will never go away. Marlena continues to offer support and encouragement.

Lucas talks with Marlena and Allie on Days of Our Lives

Lucas sees Tripp leaving Steve and Kayla’s wedding at the Pub. Lucas apologizes for losing it on him over Allie. He knows it was wrong and he’s sorry. Lucas understands, but becomes enraged when Lucas informs him Charlie is walking around free.

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Lucas shows up to see Allie and Henry at Marlena’s. As they talk about Tripp and Charlie, Lucas relays that Charlie is claiming the sex was consensual and that the London authorities aren’t pursuing the case. Allie can’t believe she had to relive that night for nothing. Lucas suggests they spend the night together with Henry and talk. Allie agrees and hugs Marlena goodbye.

While walking through the Square with Henry and Lucas, Allie sees Charlie. He sees the stroller and asks, “Is that my son?” Lucas shouts, “I’m going to kill you!” and rushes toward him. Allie prevents him from attacking Charlie. Lucas again threatens Charlie and leaves with his daughter and grandson.

Allie pulls Lucas away from Charlie on Days of Our Lives

In Ava’s hospital room, Nicole suggests Ava stay with Rafe when she gets out. Rafe’s eyes widen and Ava stammers that it’s not necessary. Rafe asks to speak to Nicole in private when she presses the issue.

Near the nurses’ hub, Rafe wonders why Nicole would suggest such a thing. She explains Charlie is still a threat to Ava and she needs to know he can’t get to her friend. Rafe suggests Ava take her mob money and buy a house with a top-notch security system. Nicole counters that she can just move in with the police commissioner. When Rafe continues to resist, Nicole asks him to do it for her. Besides, she thinks Rafe could be a good influence on Ava.

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Tripp visits with Ava. She tells him Charlie was just there and how delusional he is about Allie and Claire. She adds that he threatened her, but she’s not afraid of him. Tripp says her place is ready for her to return. He even had her locks changed and he’ll be there to make sure she’s safe. Ava thanks him for being a wonderful son, but she’s worried she’ll be staying someplace else. Tripp asks, where? Rafe enters and says, “With me.”

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