A caged Ciara gets her hands on a phone on Days of Our Lives
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Having shared a dream in which they were Romeo and Juliet, Ben and Ciara awaken in their separate beds, far from one another. “Stay alive, Ben,” she whispers to herself. “We both have to say alive if I’m going to come home to you.” Ben, meanwhile, wakes up and asks himself, “What the hell was that?”

Ben and Claire talk about Ciara on Days of Our Lives

A moment later, Claire shows up on his door and Ben tells her that he’s pretty sure he and Ciara just had the same dream. How does he know? Because he can recite Romeo’s last line… and he’s never read or seen the play. “Ciara knows the play,” he insists. “She was in my head and in my heart, and this morning, we were together, in our hearts.” Ben tells Claire everything about the dream and how it only further convinced him that Ciara is alive. More determined than ever to find Ciara, he wants to confront Vincent. She, however, tells him that might not be the best idea. Instead, she suggests they try what’s already proven to be successful: connecting with Ciara via Susan. Because Ben can be “a little intense,” Claire suggests she approach Susan and get her on board, then have Ben join the conversation.

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Ben reads Romeo and Juliet on Days of Our Lives

Standing outside Ciara’s glass cage, Rhodes taunts his prisoner about the claptrap she’s been reading. He also scoffs at the notion that Ben and Ciara shared a dream. “So,” he laughs, “we’re claimin’ to have some kinda psychic connection to him?” He also reminds her that Romeo and Juliet didn’t get a happily-ever-after because it’s a tragedy. Rhodes leaves, saying he has a date, and Ciara realizes that he left his cellphone behind. With a bit of handiwork, Ciara manages to get her hands on the phone. As Ben sits reading Romeo and Juliet for the first time and urging Ciara to keep trying to reach him, she frantically dials his number. Despite the number coming up as “unknown,” Ben, sensing it might be his true love, answers and says, “Ciara?”

Rhodes brings Ciara coffee on Days of Our Lives

Rafe explains to Nicole that there’s no proof that Charlie raped Allie. She suggests Henry is the living, breathing proof, but Rafe says that only proves Allie and Charlie had sex, not that it was rape. “He may not have to face a judge and jury,” snaps Nicole, “but he sure as hell’s gonna face me!” Rafe advises her not to issue threats in front of a police officer, which he is, and then suggests she stay far away from Charlie.

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Rafe lectures Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Charlie visits his hospitalized mom. When Ava points out that a DNA test will soon prove he was the one who attacked Allie, he says that’s not at all what happened. While she may find it hard to accept, Allie rejected — the adonis whom Ava favors — and instead chose to make love with Charlie. “I don’t find that hard to believe,” says Ava. “I find it impossible!” When she reminds Charlie that he admitted to having raped Allie, he says that was just another of her delusions. “Anything I did with Allie Horton was 100 percent consensual,” he declares. “At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

Disgusted by her son, Ava asks, “Do you know how hard it is to be an embarrassment to my family? I know the things that they’ve done, and yes, I know the things that I’ve done.” But what Charlie’s done? That’s beyond the pale. For his part, Charlie doesn’t give a damn what Ava thinks about him. The charges have been dropped and he’s found his soulmate in Claire. Ava asks if Claire will want him once he’s jailed for having drugged and kidnapped his mom. She blasts him as a loser who is little more than an errand boy at Titan whose girlfriend “goes to the funny farm like most girls go to the nail salon.” Charlie decides that if Ava is the one thing standing between him and freedom, he’ll just have to eliminate her!

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Claire encounters Charlie in the park on Days of Our Lives

Charlie tries to strangle his mom, but his attempted murder is interrupted by the arrival of Nicole and Rafe. After Charlie blows his mom a kiss and exits, Rafe asks if Ava is still willing to testify against her son. And though it goes against everything the Vitali family stands for, “if you hurt a woman? You brag about getting away with it? I am going to do everything I can to stop that from happening ever again!” Realizing how dangerous Charlie is, Nicole suggests that Ava should perhaps stay with Rafe for a while so that he can offer her protection. As for Charlie, he winds up crossing paths with Claire in the park!

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Jake defends Kate from Vivian on Days of Our Lives

Vivian looks at Jake and, rather than acknowledge he’s her son (and that she’s been faking a psychotic break to avoid prison), insists he can’t be her “Jacob” because he is a tiny baby. Kate warns that she won’t let Vivian get away with anything this time. “I think your great aunt is a candidate for her own padded cell,” says Viv, causing Kate to lunge at her. Jake restrains Kate, insisting his mom isn’t going anywhere. Thinking on her feet, Kate comes up with a new idea designed to get Vivian to drop the act. Playing on Vivian’s hatred of her, Kate reveals that she and Jake are lovers. Sure enough, seeing Kate lock lips with Jake is too much, causing Vivian to shout, “Take your hands off my son, you bitch!” Smiling broadly, Kate says only one word: “Gotcha!” She then tells Vivian that the whole conversation was on tape, meaning her insanity plea is history and she’ll be heading to jail!

Next on Days of Our Lives: Charlie encounters Allie and Lucas and Ciara gets a win.

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