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At the Salem Inn, Gwen realizes that her scuffle with Laura left Jennifer’s mom dead! Surprisingly, the person she opts to call is none other than her newfound daddy dearest, Jack! Upon arriving, he’s shocked to find his daughter with Laura’s body. Gwen insists that while she may not be anyone’s favorite person, this was definitely an accident.

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Eventually, Jack decides to believe Gwen. He can’t, however, cover this up, and instead calls the authorities. Rafe arrives upon the scene and takes Gwen down to the station for questioning. Jack has the harder job of heading home and telling Jennifer and Abigail about the tragic twist.

Julie can’t help but worry about the fact that she still hasn’t heard anything from Eli and Lani. Have they, she wants to know, found and rescued the twins? Rafe tries to remain upbeat, telling her they’re sure to hear good news soon.

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Meanwhile, things definitely aren’t looking great for Lani and Eli, who remain trapped in the room Ivan tricked them into entering. They make as much racket as possible and eventually, Vivian hears and questions Ivan as to what’s going on. (Guess Ivan didn’t do as good a job at soundproofing as did Rhodes when it came to Ciara’s glass cage!) Reluctantly, Ivan admits that they have a couple of unwanted houseguests. When Vivian presses for details, he reveals that Lani and Eli are essentially being held hostage. Why? Well, because they are the parents of the twins Ivan handed over to Vivian.

Vivian's got a gun on Days of Our Lives

With no choice, Vivian says she’ll have to finish what she started back on Eli and Lani’s wedding day. Translation: She’s going to kill the newlyweds! Of course, her plan doesn’t go as she’d hoped, with Eli and Lani managing to overpower the older woman. Once Ivan and Madame have been secured, Eli and Lani are at long last able to reunite with their precious babies.

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Off their earlier fairly civil interactions, Chad is downright thrilled when Abigail agrees to move back into the DiMera mansion. This doesn’t mean that she’s ready to forgive him for everything that’s gone down, but it’s the first step toward them figuring out a way to reconcile. Once Abigail has left to retrieve her things from mom Jennifer’s house, Julie — as is her way — offers Chad some relationship advice. (Given how long she and Doug have been together — and how much they’ve managed to overcome — Chad might do well to listen!)

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At the Horton house, Jennifer is congratulating her daughter on the decision to move back in with Chad and work on their marriage. But the celebratory mood is quickly dampened when Jack arrives and must tell his wife and daughter that Laura is dead!

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