Gwen grabs Laura on Days of Our Lives
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Susan runs into Chloe outside the Brady Pub, where the former is picking up pastries and chicken soup for Brady while the latter is there for… corn chowder. “It has milk in it, so it’s practically breakfast,” insists Susan. As Chloe heads to the hospital, Susan reluctantly accepts a collect call from the prison and hears Kristen’s voice on the other end of the line. Putting on her sweetest act, Kristen asks her “friend” with whom she’s been through so much to come and see her. Reluctantly, Susan agrees.

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Chloe runs into Susan outside Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Upon hearing that Chloe was on her way to see Brady, Kristen becomes more convinced than ever that her relationship is in danger. Her solution? To suggest that Susan switch places with her so she can keep an eye on Brady! Susan smartly says she’s not particularly interested in going along with Kristen’s plan, but the devious DiMera knows exactly how to get her way. Admitting she can’t force Susan to switch places, she warns that if Kristen isn’t there to protect Brady, something bad could happen to him. Heck, she says, the consequences could even extend to Brady’s ailing dad and Susan’s beloved Dr. Marlena Evans.

Chad and Abigail discuss their issues on Days of Our Lives

Abigail crosses with a shirtless Chad in the DiMera living room. He explains he was engaged in an “epic slime battle” with the kids. Although things are a bit tense between them, they’re able to be civil. In fact, their conversation goes so well that he suggests she consider moving back into the mansion. “I’d really like a chance to prove that you can trust me again,” he says humbly, promising to go to counseling and do whatever it takes.

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At the hospital, Sarah — rockin’ an adorable new pixie cut — tells Brady she can’t release him until he has someone to help take care of him. Given that the dude is rich, hiring someone would be the logical option but of course, why pay someone when Chloe is so happy to oblige? Brady says Chloe being his nursemaid isn’t a great idea, what with him having a crazy girlfriend and all, but they eventually agree to give it a try.

Sarah tends to Brady on Days of Our Lives

Gwen opens her hotel room door to find she’s got a visitor. Laura tries to introduce herself, but Gwen interrupts, recognizing her as “the monster who sold my future out from under me.” Laura attempts to explain her actions, but Gwen’s not buying what Jennifer’s mom is selling. Gwen explains that her mom was a drug addict who OD’d, and Laura admits, “I didn’t even care to find out. All that mattered to me was my own family.”

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Gwen confronts Laura on Days of Our Lives

Things take a darkly comic turn when Laura admits the reason she tried to save Jennifer and Jack’s marriage back then was out of guilt over having slept with her son-in-law. “You slept with Jack?” cackles the Brit. “That is just perfect! My father slept with his mother-in-law!” Laura’s attempts to explain that she and Jack didn’t know one another at the time only make Gwen laugh harder. How, she asks — echoing what fans said when the plot unfolded years ago — did that happen? Had she never even seen a photo of her daughter’s husband? Somehow, Gwen doesn’t full-on bust a gut laughing when Laura describes The Meadows — where the long-ago affair happened — as a place where people go to “find their truest selves” or that she and Laura introduced themselves as Clark and Monica.

Gwen speculates that if guilt hadn’t caused Laura to buy-off Tiffany, her own life might have been different. She and Abigail might even have been close to one another. “Maybe I’d be borrowing her clothes instead of her husband,” she speculates. “And maybe I wouldn’t be the miserable, vindictive bitch I am now.”

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Laura suggests that perhaps despite everything that’s happened, Gwen can still find a way to be a part of their family. Laura says it won’t be easy, but perhaps it could happen. Gwen, however, doesn’t see it happening. “All that damage that you did,” she says to Laura, “can’t be undone.” Laura realizes she made a mistake in visiting Gwen and tries to leave, but the younger woman won’t let her leave. “I want revenge,” she grimaces, “because you ruined my life and you’re not going to get away with it!” Things between them quickly get physical, with Laura taking a fall…

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Xander quits on Days of Our Lives

Xander is thrilled to hear from Victor that Philip has tendered his resignation… and less so to learn that his uncle refuses to accept it. In fact, despite all the trouble that Philip caused, Victor doesn’t plan to change anything at Titan. Stunned, Xander reels. “I made a mistake and you held a knife to my throat and busted me down to gardening duty,” he reminds his uncle. At last, it sinks in that Philip will always come first. “No matter how much I do for this family, you will never see me as truly part of it,” the Aussie laments. Ultimately, Xander does the only thing he feels he can: He quits.

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