Ciara reads Romeo and Juliet in a glass cage on Days of Our Lives
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In their hotel room in Chicago, Lani tells Eli she thinks Vivian has their kids. Eli reminds her Vivian died, but Lani points out she’s risen before. They go over Vivian’s last death and realize Ivan claimed her body, which means they could have faked her death. They also remember Vivian and Nicole were once held together in a house in Chicago. Eli calls Nicole for information.

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Eli and Lani suspect Vivian on Days of Our Lives

At her place, Vivian tells Ivan to take the kids back. He is sorry to say, he can’t. The deal is done. Vivian doesn’t think she has it in her to raise two babies at this stage in her life. Ivan insists she’s in the prime of her life. Besides, he’ll change the diapers and do the midnight feedings. She just has to love them. Vivian supposes the twins could do worse than have a mother like her and fantasizes about turning these two blank canvases into masterpieces. She agrees to keep the babies and names them Jacob and Stefan. When she realizes Stefan is a girl, Ivan says he tried, but he couldn’t find twin boys. Vivian decides to name her Stefania.

Eli and Lani arrive outside Vivian’s place and formulate a plan. Inside, Vivian panics when she hears the doorbell.

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Ben visits Claire at home. He can’t explain it, but in his heart he knows Ciara is in trouble and needs his help. Claire prays he and Ciara share that psychic connection she’s heard so many other couples have. She invites Ben to go to Marlena’s with her so he can talk with Dr. Evans.

Susan Banks urgently visits Marlena at home to share her premonition about Brady getting shot. Marlena says it already happened, but Brady’s going to be okay. Susan hopes it didn’t have anything to do with that mean, mean Kristen DiMera. Marlena surprises Susan when she says she has seen the change in Kristen. She and Brady love their daughter and each other. Susan knows the extremes one can go to when love is involved. Marlena invites Susan to stay the night before she goes back to Memphis. Susan happily accepts and runs to the bathroom.

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Brady wakes up in the hospital to see Chloe sitting at his bedside. He asks why he’s there. Chloe recounts his shooting. They assume it was a mob hit meant for Philip. Chloe blames herself, but Brady assures her if it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Philip’s. Chloe says that Kristen blames her though and fills him in on her prison break. She leaves to tell his family he’s awake.

Chloe returns after talking with John. Brady asks Chloe for more details about Kristen. She tells him how Kristen pulled a gun on her and then later warned this wasn’t over.

Susan believes Ben's premonitions on Days of Our Lives

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Claire and Ben stop by Marlena’s with food Claire cooked for her grandmother. Susan grabs a fireplace poker when she returns to the room and sees the Necktie Killer. Marlena assures Susan Ben has been reformed. She’s in no danger. Once the situation has been diffused, Claire prompts Ben to talk to Marlena about Ciara. When he shows her the fortune cookie message he got, she suggests they talk about it at their next session. Marlena gets a message and runs off to see Brady.

When Susan prods him, Ben tells her about his feeling that Ciara is alive. She believes in his premonition and offers to help him find Ciara. She asks to hold the fortune and yells out for Ciara to speak to them from the other side. Ben and Claire roll their eyes until Susan exclaims Ciara isn’t there… she’s alive.

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Susan calls out for Ciara from beyond the grave on Days of Our Lives

Ciara reads Romeo and Juliet in her glass cage as Rhodes brings her Chinese food. She grows thoughtful, remarking she and Ben ate the cuisine a lot. Rhodes tells her to enjoy it because she and Ben won’t ever share a meal again.

Rhodes returns later to find Ciara in pain. She claims food poisoning and begs for his help. He hesitates, but enters the cage when Ciara passes out. Rhodes panics when he can’t revive her. When he turns his back, Ciara jumps up and hits him over the head with her food tray. As he falls to the floor, Ciara says, “Hang on Ben. I’m coming home.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Philip makes a move and Eli and Lani confront Vivian.

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