Laura comes home on Days of Our Lives
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Tony enters the DiMera living room as Jake flashes back to kissing Gabi. Tony notices Jake is looking at the Gabi Chic proposal and offers his advice. Jake’s resistant, but hands it over. Tony thinks acquiring Gabi Chic would be excellent for DiMera, but warns Jake the personal aspect of it could ultimately be damaging. However, the choice is his.

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Gabi joins Rafe for breakfast in the kitchen at home. She sees the bear Nicole won for him. After he tells her about their outing, Gabi reminds her brother that Nicole is a married woman. He assures her they are just friends, but warns Gabi to be careful herself. Gabi points out Jake isn’t married and Kate doesn’t stick with one man for long. Rafe smirks as he wishes her luck and leaves for work.

Gabi and Rafe have breakfast at home on Days of Our Lives

When she hears a knock, Gabi races from the shower to the door in a towel. She opens it to Jake. Flustered, he says, “I came to talk about you naked…your proposal.” She invites him in, but doesn’t move to change because it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. He’s sorry to tell her he has to turn down her proposal. Gabi makes counter arguments to all his points, but Jake says the decision is final. She thinks he’s doing it because he can’t trust himself around her. Jake admits he can’t work with her because she’ll always want him to be Stefan and he can’t be that. He agrees to give her the rights back to her company and wishes her nothing but the best.

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Gabi answers door to Jake in a towel on Days of Our Lives

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At Brady’s Pub, Nicole squeals as she tells Roman Eric is coming home. Roman’s thrilled. Nicole knows she’s the one who encouraged him to go to Africa, but she didn’t realize how much she’d miss her partner. She wants to throw a party when Eric returns.

Outside the pub, Nicole gets a call from Eric, but her smile fades after talking to him. She throws her phone after hanging up. Rafe happens by and picks it up. Nicole tearfully explains Eric agreed to stay for three more months with the mission.

Jack admits to Jennifer at home that it’s possible he slept with Tiffany and just doesn’t remember her name. Ashamed, he says that part of his life feels like it happened to another guy. He does think he’d remember if she came to him about their daughter though. Jennifer suggests there could be another Jack Deveraux out there who is Gwen’s real father. After pondering it, they agree it’s too far-fetched. Jennifer then wonders if someone else could have dealt with Tiffany for him on their own…like maybe his former assistant. Jack calls her, but she has no memory of it. The lab calls Jack. The paternity test results are in.

Gwen ices her eye in her room and then looks in the mirror. She’s disappointed it’s not as red as it was, but says, “You messed with the wrong lass, Abigail. I’m going to make you regret it.”

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Abigail visits Julie in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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After visiting with Julie at the hospital and filling her in about Gwen, Abigail enters the police station. She asks Rafe if they are charging Gwen for drugging her. Rafe doesn’t think Rolf’s word is enough for an indictment, but he’s waiting for word from the D.A. Gwen enters after enhancing her black eye to make it look worse. She says Abigail is the one who should be arrested. The women snipe at each other until Gwen gets a call from the lab. After Gwen leaves, Rafe urges Abigail to not let Gwen bait her — she’s dangerous. Abigail knows and implores Rafe to put Gwen behind bars.

At the hospital, Gwen sees Julie waiting to get discharged. The women trade insults and threats, as Jack steps off the elevator. He runs to break them apart when Julie lunges at Gwen. After Julie leaves, Gwen waves the test results in Jack’s face. After opening them, Gwen says, “Read ‘em and weep…Daddy.”

After Abigail stops by, Laura knocks on the Horton house door. Jennifer embraces her mother. Laura explains she came back after reading about Abigail’s drama in The Intruder. Jennifer and Abigail tell her about Gwen’s claims about Jack, but they believe they’re all lies. A guilty looking Laura corrects them. She never wanted to tell them this, but, “The secretary that sent the checks… was me.”

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