Shawn comes for Charlie on Days of Our Lives
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Steve comes to the police station to give Shawn, “Proof your daughter’s boyfriend fathered Allie Horton’s baby.”

At Charlie’s place, Tripp tells him he took his toothbrush to run a DNA test which proves he’s the father of Allie’s baby. Charlie doesn’t think it will be admissible in court considering Tripp stole his toothbrush. Tripp dismisses that argument as well as the jurisdiction issue. He knows Charlie will pay one way or another when everyone finds out what he did. Tripp taunts Charlie about losing Claire, which sets Charlie off. He thinks Claire will understand — he’ll make her. Tripp wonders how he’ll do that. Is he going to force himself on her, like he did Allie? Charlie would never do that to her and insists he didn’t rape Allie. Tripp reminds him the DNA test proves otherwise.

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Charlie doesn't want the DNA test from Tripp on Days of Our Lives

Allie visits Belle at home. She wants to drop the civil case against Tripp because she remembered he isn’t the one who attacked her. Belle takes Allie to the station so she can make a statement to Shawn about Charlie.

Allie’s next visit is to see Tripp at Steve and Kayla’s place. She tells him she remembered everything about her rape. She’s sorry for what she did to his life. Allie wishes she could take everything back, but she really believed he raped her. She’s so sorry. Tripp doesn’t know what to say. She didn’t expect him to accept her apology, she just wanted him to know.

Allie apologizes to Tripp on Days of Our Lives

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Ciara pounds on her glass cage begging to be let out. A man in a cowboy hat named Rhodes enters the room. He tells her there’s no need for all the racket and passes a book through the window to help her kill the time. She wonders why he’s been taking care of her for all these months. Rhodes reminds her Vincent’s the one responsible. It’s always been Vincent, who has been good to him. It’s why he agreed to pilot the plane to help Vincent escape with Ciara, which, he admits, didn’t work out as planned. Ciara recalls fleeing from Vincent, but running into Rhodes just as the car exploded. Ciara knows neither her mother nor her husband believes she’s dead. Rhodes admits Hope is searching for her, but he made sure she’s looking in all the wrong places.

Rhodes holds Ciara captive on Days of Our Lives

Ciara tells Rhodes she wants to go home. She misses her husband and family. Rhodes can’t accommodate her. Ciara wonders why he is still doing this when Vincent is in prison. Rhodes says the checks still cash, so as long as he’s being paid, she’ll stay put. He thinks it isn’t so bad though. A girl can get used to this, right? Ciara says her grandfather Victor could pay him double or triple what Vincent is giving him. Rhodes doesn’t think it’s that easy, which means she’ll be stuck there for a long, long time. He suggests she read what he left her, which is Romeo and Juliet. Alone, Ciara reads it, but then throws the book in frustration.

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At Ben’s, Claire understands why he holds out hope Ciara is alive. She points out he’s not the only one, considering Hope is out there looking for her. Ben worries most about Ciara being out there somewhere alone and needing his help. He feels she’s out there wanting him to find her. He tells her about seeing Ciara during the blackout and at Christmas. He feels her. It’s like she’s always there, but now it’s like she’s reaching out to him. Ben wonders if there’s a psychic connection between them. Claire doesn’t know, but recalls people saying the same things about both sets of her grandparents. She doesn’t know if it’s real, but thinks it could be the power of love. Ben thinks Marlena’s idea for them to talk was a good one. Claire offers to remind him that he does have a future without Ciara should he need one.

Ben and Claire bond over Ciara on Days of Our Lives

After Claire’s gone, Ben looks at his and Ciara’s wedding photo. He then reads a fortune from a cookie that says, “Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart.”

When Claire goes home, Belle tells her Allie remembered Charlie raping her.

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As Charlie reads over the DNA report, Shawn knocks on his door. When Charlie opens it, Shawn arrests him for the sexual assault of Allie Horton.

Nicole and Rafe return to her place after spending the day at a Cowboy Critters, a pizza place where they played skee ball with Henry, Holly, and Maggie. Nicole ribs him about her grabbing the stuffed animal in the claw machine when he couldn’t. Rafe jokingly defends himself. When he doesn’t let it go, Nicole asks what’s really bothering him. Seeing all the parents with their kids affected him. Nicole is sorry, but Rafe points out she made sure he wasn’t alone on his birthday. He offers to help her out with the kids from time to time should she need it. Rafe leaves when Eric calls Nicole.

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