Philip pleads his case to Victor on Days of Our Lives
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander tells Victor what Philip has been up to with the Vitalis. After calling John about Brady, Philip enters to tell Victor his grandson has been shot. He assures his father Brady is stable but confesses the bullet was meant for him. However, he’s not the reason Brady got shot. Xander is. The cousins argue until Victor says he wants to talk to Philip alone. Xander leaves to get an update on Brady, as Victor demands the truth from his son.

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Xander rats Philip out to Victor on Days of Our Lives

Philip assures Victor he never wanted to manipulate him, but he was in deep trouble. Regardless of what he’s done though, Xander shouldn’t be running Titan. Victor thinks otherwise, reminding Philip he is the one who disappointed him. Philip knows he should have told him the truth from the beginning, but he was ashamed. He swears to do everything in his power to win back his trust. Victor would like to believe that, but all he can think about right now is Brady. Philip is sorry about what happened and asks if Victor can forgive him. Victor tells him it depends on what happens with Brady.

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Chad talks to Stefano’s portrait at home. He vows to fight for Abigail because that’s what DiMeras do. He gets a call from Tony who tells him to get to the hospital right away.

When he arrives, Tony recounts Kristen’s prison escape to Chad. They see John and Marlena stepping off the elevator. Tony tries to get John’s attention, but he runs to his son’s room. Marlena hangs back to learn about Kristen. When she hears Kristen has a gun, she moves to get to John. Chad offers to go instead.

Kristen holds John and Chloe at gunpoint in Brady's hospital room on Days of Our Lives

In Brady’s hospital room, Kristen demands to know what Chloe did to Brady. Chloe says it’s complicated. Kristen pulls a gun on her, so Chloe nervously explains how she asked Brady to help her fix Philip’s mess with the Vitalis. As Kristen prepares to shoot Chloe, John races in. John calmly suggests Kristen leave the room, but Kristen says she’ll never leave Brady. John threatens to forcibly remove her himself if she doesn’t leave. He knows Brady can feel all the turmoil and it’s not good for him. She lowers her gun and asks John to tell Brady she loves him when he wakes up. John agrees. Kristen leans in close to Brady and pleads with him to get better.

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After Kristen leaves, a teary Chloe runs into John’s arms. Chloe tells John what happened and then leaves. John begs his son to pull through this. Marlena enters to see John wiping tears away as he tells his son how much he needs him. She walks over to him and they embrace.

Kristen cries over comatose Brady on Days of Our Lives

Before Chad can enter Brady’s room, Kristen exits. She blames Chloe for Brady’s condition and vows to make her pay. Chad and Marlena tell her vengeance won’t solve anything and that Rachel needs her. Chad asks for the gun. After encouragement from Marlena, Kristen hands the firearm to her brother. She then dissolves into tears in Marlena’s arms. Marlena promises to get an update on Brady and keep her updated. Chad and Tony lead Kristen away.

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In an empty hospital room, Tony tells Kristen she has to give herself up. Kristen won’t. She has to stay close to Brady. Chad points out if she doesn’t, more years could be added to her sentence. The brothers think they’ll go easy on her if she cooperates. Kristen apologizes for taking Tony hostage, but he laughs it off. It’s par for the course for a DiMera. After promising that Rachel will never be alone, Chad calls the authorities.

Kristen stares Chloe down as she's led away in cuffs on Days of Our Lives

As Kristen is taken away in cuffs, she sees Chloe. She says, “This isn’t over. Not even close.”

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At the Horton House, Abigail gets Anna up to speed on Gwen. Anna says they need to make sure Gwen pays for everything she’s done, especially what she did to Abigail and Chad. Abby says Chad isn’t blameless though. She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to get over his betrayal. Anna says, “You can and you will.” She points out Gwen preyed on Chad, but it hurts Abigail that he believed her lies. Anna recounts everything she and Tony have weathered together. She knows Abigail can do it too, for her relationship and for her children. She thinks Abby and Chad belong together and believes Abigail knows it too.

After getting a message from Abby, Chad stops by the house to see his wife.

Chad visits Abigail at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abigail and Gwen face-off and Allie gets hypnotized.

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