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Rafe enters his kitchen to find Gabi making him birthday cupcakes. As he blows out his candle and eats his treat, Gabi tells him it’s time to put himself out there and find another Ms. Right. Rafe turns it around on her by bringing up Jake. Gabi says Jake’s with Kate right now, but she’s positive he still wants her.

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Jake jolts awake after dreaming of Gabi kissing him. Kate asks if he had a bad dream. He says it was nothing. They talk about Gabi anyway. Kate knows Gabi still has feelings for him. Jake insists they aren’t reciprocated, but Kate isn’t so sure. Jake reiterates the only person he has feelings for is her. He offers to show her and pulls the covers over them as she giggles.

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Downstairs, Kate praises Jake’s latest business plan, as Gabi enters. She hands Jake her Gabi Chic proposal. Kate tells her to take it and leave. Jake counters he does want to look at it, but warns Gabi the numbers have to be right for him to move forward on it. Kate leaves them alone to discuss business, but not before pointedly giving her man a kiss. Once alone, Gabi flirts and makes snide comments about Kate. Jake shuts her down and orders her to leave. She taunts him about her being in his head before obliging.

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Brandon Barash, Camila Banus "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 11/17/20 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 14027 U.S.Airdate 01/27/21

Nicole finds Sarah at the hospital and gets an update on Ava. Sarah thinks she’ll recover, but fills her in on Ava working for the Vitali family. Sarah warns that people could get hurt. Nicole wonders, “What people?” Sarah avoids answering, but urges Nicole to convince Ava not to harm anyone.

As Nicole visits with Ava, she brings up her friend being a mob boss. Nicole suggests she be careful, if for no other reason than for Tripp. Ava tells her she’s in the hospital because she was trying to protect Tripp. Ava lays out the whole story about Charlie, but says she hasn’t received any updates. Ava asks Nicole to go to the station and find out what she can.

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Tamara Braun, Arianne Zuker "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 11/17/20 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 14027 U.S.Airdate 01/27/21

Nicole visits Rafe at home after learning he had the day off. Nicole gets up to speed on Charlie’s status and then sees a cupcake. Nicole can’t believe she forgot it’s his birthday and pulls him into a hug. When she learns Rafe doesn’t have any plans to celebrate, Nicole grabs his coat and tells him to follow her. After some convincing, he puts in on and says, “Let the adventures begin.”

Brady is shot while talking to Kristen on the phone in the hallway at the Salem Inn. He stumbles back into Chloe’s room and falls to the floor. A panicked Chloe hears Kristen freaking out over the phone and tells her Brady’s been shot. She hangs up to call an ambulance, as Philip runs out after the shooter. Philip returns having had no luck.

Back at the hospital, Sarah sees Brady getting wheeled in on a stretcher. Chloe and Philip follow to fill Sarah in. She runs off to tend to Brady.

Brady is shot on Days of Our Lives

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Sarah returns to tell Chloe and Philip Brady’s been stabilized. Chloe heads in to see him, leaving Sarah to yell at Philip. She knows the bullet was meant for him. Philip blames Xander for meddling, but Sarah won’t have it. She tells Philip it’s all on him for getting involved with the mob. She warns Victor will never forgive him if Brady dies.

Philip visits Ava at the hospital. He tells her about Brady, but she promises she had nothing to do with it.

Brady is wheeled into the hospitl on a stretcher on Days of Our Lives

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As Kristen continues to lose it over Brady at the prison, Tony arrives for a visit. She tells him Brady’s been shot. Tony offers to make inquiries. As he gathers his things to leave, Kristen says she’s going with him. Tony reminds his sister she can’t just walk out of there. As he tries to calm her down, a guard enters asking if there’s a problem. Tony assures him they’re fine. The guard turns to leave. Kristen grabs his gun and holds it on Tony. She apologizes to her brother, but she needs a hostage and a driver.

Kristen hold a gun on Tony in the prison visitors' room on Days of Our Lives

Chloe cries at Brady’s bedside begging him to pull through. She says it’s all her fault. Kristen enters and stares her down. “Oh really,” she says. “What did you do to him?”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Tony and Chad team up and Xander gets the chance to rat Philip out.

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