Brady and Chloe on Days of Our Lives
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Brady knocks on Chloe’s Salem Inn door, but Philip answers. Brady’s unhappy to find him there, but Chloe tells him nothing happened. She’s just keeping Philip safe. Chloe tells Philip to go home and grab his stuff to bring back. Philip would understand if she doesn’t want him to return, but she insists he hide out with her. After Philip exits, Brady urges Chloe to cut Philip off and let him hit rock bottom. Brady reminds her how he almost brought her down during his own struggles. He doesn’t want Philip to do the same. Chloe thinks it’s different, but Brady warns her the mob could kill her. He urges her to let him find Philip another place to stay.

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Philip opens the door to Brady on Days of Our Lives

Doug tries to soothe a distraught Julie as Abe stops by the house. Julie urgently asks if he has any news on Jules and Carver. He tells her about Raynor, which causes Julie physical distress. Abe tells a resistant Julie he’s driving her to the hospital.

As Sarah texts Xander looking for updates on Eli and Lani’s babies, Maggie enters the Kiriakis living room. She can’t find Philip. Sarah worries he could be dead. Maggie notes her overreaction and asks what’s going on. Sarah fills her mother in on everything: the money laundering, the fake breakup, and Xander shutting down Philip’s illegal operation for the Vitalis.

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Chloe between Philip and Brady at Salem Inn on Days of Our Lives

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As Maggie and Sarah panic, Philip returns home. He announces he’s alive and well. No thanks to Sarah. Philip says due to her and Xander’s meddling, the Vitalis want him six feet under. When Maggie suggests it, Philip says he won’t go to his father. He orders them not to either. The women agree. Maggie urges Philip to tell Victor himself, but Philip thinks he can handle it on his own. He explains he has a place to stay and will move back home when it’s all sorted out. After he walks out of the room, Sarah gets called to the hospital for Julie.

Lani visits as Kristen obsesses over Brady and Chloe in the prison visitor’s room. Kristen embraces her friend who still hasn’t found her twins. After telling Kristen about Raynor’s involvement, she asks if the kidnapping doctor reached out to her. Kristen hasn’t heard from her. They talk about how much they distrust Xander, but he’s their only hope. Kristen leads Lani in prayer before she leaves.

Philip returns to Chloe’s room. As Brady resumes ranting at Philip, Kristen calls. She wants him to put Rachel on the phone, but he reluctantly tells her she’s with the sitter right now. She asks if he’s with Chloe. He lies and says he’s not. He’s just down the hall though. As he leaves Chloe’s room to return to Rachel, Kristen hears a loud bang over the phone. She urgently asks if that was a gunshot.

At the hospital, Sarah tells Julie she should be feeling better soon, but they’ll be keeping her there for observation. Sarah urges her to rest and avoid stress, but Julie can’t do that considering her grandbabies have been kidnapped. Sarah is hopeful Xander can track down Raynor. Later, Julie makes Abe promise to keep her informed on the search and to not tell Eli and Lani about her hospital visit.

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Xander helps Eli at the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives

Eli paces in the Salem Police Department until Xander shows up. Xander hasn’t tracked Raynor down yet, but he explains how he gave her an untraceable phone for him to contact her during the baby switch. Eli orders him to call the phone right now.

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The men go into the interrogation room where Xander makes the call over speaker. Eli records it as Raynor answers. Xander says he knows she stole Eli and Lani’s twins. She denies it, but he wants to help her. Raynor’s skeptical. Why would he want to do that? Xander plays up how much he hates Eli and Lani for all their harassment over the years. After Eli prompts Xander, he asks where she is. She won’t give him her location so he suggests they meet in the park. He can give her new documents to escape. After they hang up, Eli believes Xander got through to Raynor and thanks Xander for his help. Xander remembers what it felt like to lose Mackenzie. Eli can thank him when he brings his children home.

Dr. Raynor makes a call from her motel on Days of Our Lives

In the squad room, Lani hopes to Eli that Raynor takes the bait. Eli says when she does, they’ll be right there to take her down. They embrace.

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