Gwen tells Jack about her mother on Days of Our Lives
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Ben sees Allie sitting on the bench in the Square. He gently tells her he knows about Charlie. When Allie says she can’t remember if he was in her flat that night, Ben suggests she talk to Marlena about hypnosis. Allie doesn’t know if it will help considering she was drunk, but she also doesn’t know if she can relive that night. Ben went through the same thing, but remembering helped him move on. He wishes her luck and she thanks him for talking to her.

While walking in the park, Allie calls Marlena. Allie wants her grandmother to hypnotize her.

Ben and Allie talk in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives
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Claire runs into Charlie outside Brady’s Pub. He worries she’s been brainwashed against him. She counters he deliberately lied to her. Charlie admits to lying about Ava, but insists he didn’t rape Allie. When she brings up what he did to Ava, Charlie explains what a terrible mother she is to him. He feels second best to Tripp like she felt second best to Ciara. Claire asks if he drove himself crazy until he finally snapped like she did.

Charlie tears up as he declares his innocence to Claire again. He has nothing and no one else. He needs her. Ben shows up wondering what’s going on. Charlie says they were just talking. Ben says it’s over and leads Claire away.

Charlie tries to convince Claire of his innocence on Days of Our Lives

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At the Horton House, Chad tells Abigail Gwen claims Jack is her father. Abby thinks Gwen is lying, but Chad says it’s what Gwen believes. She wants revenge for Abigail getting everything she thinks she should have had. Chad also says Gwen is the one who drugged her, not Gabi. Chad is sorry Abigail is going through this alone and will do anything he can to make things up to her. Abigail can’t do this with him right now.

In her hotel room, Gwen accuses a stunned Jack of knocking up her mother and waltzing off. “I am the kid you threw away,” she says. When Jack remains confused, Gwen asks if the name Tiffany Rizczech means anything to him. Jack has never heard of her. Gwen recounts how her mother came to Salem once. They were about to be evicted from their flat, so her mother came to beg for his help, but he was too busy with his wife and precious princess Abigail. However, Jack sent them money once a month until her mother died.

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Gwen confesses the truth to Jack and Jennifer on Days of Our Lives

When pressed for more details, Gwen explains Jack met her mother at a bar she was waitressing at while he was living in Chicago. Jack can’t remember that. He does wonder though where her accent came from if she grew up in Illinois. Gwen explains her mother took her to crash with a friend in England. When she died, Gwen became a ward of the state. She calls it all very Dickensian, as she yells she lived a life of misery, while Abigail was the golden child. She swore to herself she would make him pay someday, but this time he doesn’t get to throw her away. “I’m here to stay… Dad.” Jack wonders if she wants money. Outraged, Gwen says all she wanted was for him to care. She wanted a dad, but not one like him. She vows to make his life worse than he made hers. Jack asks what she’s going to do now. Gwen says he’ll find out and orders them out. She crumples to the floor and sobs once they’re gone.

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In the hallway, Jack asks if Jennifer believes him. She does. He apologizes for dragging her through this. Jennifer thinks the person they should be worried about is Abigail.

When Jack and Jennifer return home, Jack admits to Abigail he has no idea if he’s Gwen’s father.

Jake and Gabi kiss in Jake's office on Days of Our Lives

Kate interrupts Gabi and Jake’s kiss by announcing her presence. Jake jumps up explaining it isn’t what it looks like. Kate is the one he wants. Kate turns to leave, but Jake stops her. He tells her how Gabi threw herself at him. Gabi scoffs, but Kate knows how Gabi operates. Gabi counters Jake should know a few things about Kate before he gets in deeper. Kate has nothing to hide, so Gabi gives Jake the colorful highlights of Kate’s past. Kate, in turn, fills Jake in on Gabi’s own misdeeds. Gabi says there is unfinished business between her and Jake and he knows it. Jake tells Gabi to leave. She wants him to think about both of her proposals and makes her exit.

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Jake insists to Kate he didn’t encourage Gabi. Kate knows. As Jake opens the bottle of champagne, he says it doesn’t matter to him that Gabi’s back. Kate quietly says she knows, but looks worried.

Chad bumps into Gabi outside the Salem Inn. He apologizes for believing she drugged Abigail.

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