Gwen talks to Jack and Jennifer in her Salem Inn room on Days of Our Lives
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Chad meets with Rolf in the prison visitors’ room. He wants to know everything about Gwen Rizczech. Rolf pretends he doesn’t know who she is, but Chad knows Gwen freed him when he broke into the mansion last year and that she visited him in prison. Chad appeals to Rolf’s loyalty to Stefano and asks him to help the family. Rolf relents and tells him Gwen came to him for the drug she used on Abby. Chad points out they didn’t even know Gwen when Abby was drugged. Rolf responds that Gwen has been after the family for a very long time. Chad can’t understand why she would target them. Rolf says he does.

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Chad visits Dr. Rolf in prison on Days of Our Lives

While reading The Intruder article about Gwen and Chad in the Square, Anna trips the nanny when she walks by. Anna suggests Gwen take herself to the airport and slither back to where she came from. Gwen won’t go to the airport. She’s going to the Salem Inn to stay in the room she did with Chad on New Year’s Eve. Gwen smirks as she says she has some lovely memories there. She adds that just because she’s out of the DiMera household doesn’t mean she’s done with the family — not by a long shot.

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Gwen and Anna confrontation in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

At the Horton house, Abigail shocks her parents by saying she moved out of the mansion because Chad slept with Gwen. She details how Gwen has been out for her since day one and then goes to check on her kids. Jennifer wonders why Gwen would hate Abigail so much when she didn’t even know her. Jack gets a call from Anna. After hanging up, Jack tells Jennifer that Gwen told Anna she’s not done with the family. Furious, they head out to confront her.

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Chad comes to see Abigail at the house. He tells her Rolf has been helping Gwen the whole time and knows why Gwen hates her.

In Gwen’s hotel room, Jack and Jennifer demand to know why she hates them so much. Gwen thinks it’s time they knew. When Gwen snipes at Jack, he realizes she has a beef with him. He wonders why she’d take it out on Abigail. She says, “She may be your daughter, but so am I.”

Kate and Tony talk at the mansion about Chad getting ousted as CEO. Tony thinks he should step in temporarily to right the ship. Kate tells him Jake, the man she’s seeing, has been appointed CEO. Tony laughs over Kate dating Vivian’s son and then disparages the mechanic. Kate fiercely defends her man. Tony wonders if Jake is worthy of her defense. Kate says what she and Jake have is good and that’s all that matters. Besides, it’s none of his damn business.

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When Gabi saunters into Jake’s office, he says, “What the hell are you doing here?” She’s back in Salem for Rafe’s birthday, but she also thought she’d check out all the DiMera drama for herself. Jake assumes she’s there to seduce him, but she corrects him, she’s there with a business offer. She wants to revive Gabi Chic, but Chad would never have worked with her. With Jake in charge, it’s a whole new ballgame. She thinks with her business acumen and his DiMera money, there’s nothing they can’t do. Jake tells her to submit a proposal and he’ll go over it. Gabi will get him one and then they can talk over dinner. There’s nothing wrong with mixing business with pleasure, she adds.

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Kate in a fur coat holding champagne glasses on Days of Our Lives

Jake reminds Gabi he’s seeing someone else. Gabi doesn’t take Jake’s relationship with Kate seriously, suggesting all he will ever be is her little secret. Jake declares everyone knows now, which was Kate’s idea. Gabi puts down Kate again and offers herself up. Jake chuckles, but Gabi reminds him what they had was great. Jake reminds her she left. She points out she didn’t have a choice, but leaving hurt her. She knows it hurt him too and calls Kate a consolation prize. She sits on the desk and says she’s the one Jake really wants. She can see it in his eyes. Kate comes to the door with champagne and sees Gabi and Jake kissing.

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