Jake kicks back on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives
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Eli brings Xander to the interrogation room to ask why he’d want Raynor to steal his and Lani’s twins. Meanwhile, Sarah rushes into the squad room and learns from Lani that Xander is being questioned in the twins’ kidnapping. She flashes back to Xander suggesting she adopt one of Lani’s babies when she was grieving the loss of Mickey. Lani can see Sarah just remembered something and forces her to tell her what Xander said.

Xander defends himself to Sarah on Days of Our Lives

Sarah enters after Eli has left the interrogation room. Xander urges her to tell them he would never even think of doing something like this. Sarah already told Lani he would. Incredulous, Xander wonders if she really thinks he did it. Of course, she doesn’t, but she needs the panicked parents to have all the information. Xander counters they’re going to waste a lot of time on him when they could be looking for the true kidnappers.

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Back in the squad room, Lani tells Eli she doesn’t think Xander is responsible for the kidnapping. Eli agrees and tries to console his wife. Lani pushes him off. She’s a cop right now and won’t cry until after they get their babies back. Lani thinks Xander’s connection to Raynor can still help them.

Eli and Lani return to Xander. They want him to make contact with Raynor. After Sarah prompts a resistant Xander, he agrees to help.

Eli and Lani ask for Xander's help on Days of Our Lives

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A nervous Bonnie comes to the Kiriakis mansion with a plate of food for her date with Justin. Maggie opens the door and promptly closes it on her. Justin opens the door next and invites her in, but Maggie is having none of it. Justin appeals to Maggie’s forgiving nature and asks to start this all over again. Maggie does believe in giving people second chances, but she won’t tolerate Bonnie in her house or in her life. Maggie reminds Bonnie of the horrible things she has done to this family in the name of money and orders her out. Bonnie insists she’s trying to curb her bad impulses, but Maggie thinks she’s just gotten more polished. Maggie walks out and Justin and Bonnie enjoy a flirtatious dinner together.

Li Shin makes Jake CEO on Days of Our Lives

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Chad finds Jake with his feet propped up on the living room desk. Jake shows him an Invader article about Chad cheating with the nanny. He assumes Gwen gave an exclusive. Li Shin shows up as Jake gleefully needles Chad. Chad tries to defend himself when Li questions him about sleeping with an employee. Li says he and the board can’t condone his behavior. Chad agrees and offers to resign as CEO. Li accepts his resignation and appoints Jake to the position. Jake accepts over Chad’s protests.

Kate enters as Abigail packs in her room. Kate asks if she’s sure she wants to leave Chad. Abigail loves Chad, but she can’t live with him after all the distrust and lies. Kate defends Chad and asks if she’s sure she wants to walk out after all she and Chad have been through.

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Chad enters the room after Kate leaves. Abigail says she’s packed. Now, she needs to decide if she’s leaving or not. Chad says he had everything he ever wanted and he lost it all. He can only blame himself for that. Abigail tells Chad this is not about love, but trust. Chad responds that all he can do is ask for another chance. He loves her with all his heart. More than he has loved anything in his entire life. He knows what he did and what he’s asking of her. He begs her to give him another chance, but she takes her bag to stay with her parents.

Jake holds Kate on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives

Kate finds Jake in the living room and learns Jake is the new CEO. She thinks he’ll do great, but Jake is nervous because he doesn’t know anything about business. Kate reminds him she was a very successful CEO and offers to get him through it. She just urges him not to let the power go to his head. As Kate goes over business with Jake, he thanks her for going public about them especially when he was nothing. Kate assures him he was never nothing. Jake gets a message from Shin’s assistant to come to the office.

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After talking with Kate, Chad realizes there was a time when he thought Gwen was lying to him, but he shrugged it off. He leaves to investigate.

As Jake gets settled in his new office, he says, “I am ready for whatever walks through that door.” Gabi enters and says, “Are you sure about that?”

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