Tripp and Charlie face off on Days of Our Lives
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At the Salem Inn, Philip tells Chloe and Brady how Xander dissolved the shell company he created to launder money for the mob. Philip worries the Vitali’s will put a hit out on him now, as Angelo calls. Philip tries to explain, but the mob boss hangs up on him. Philip grows more concerned, so Chloe offers to let him hide out in her room. Brady won’t allow it. When Chloe protests, Philip tells her Brady ordered him away from her. Brady insists he did it to protect her, but Chloe doesn’t need him to save her. For all their sakes, she orders Brady to back off. Philip accepts Chloe’s offer.

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Allie enters Rafe’s office as he tells Nicole Charlie made bail. They’re furious, but Rafe points out Ava isn’t a reliable witness right now. He thinks if a witness, like Allie, can place Charlie in her flat then they can nail the creep to the wall. Allie insists she can’t remember anything, so Rafe suggests hypnosis. She’ll think about it.

In Horton Square, Allie tells Nicole how much she loves Henry. She dreads having to tell him how he was conceived. Nicole suggests Allie talk to Marlena for guidance when the time comes. Allie wonders if hypnosis could really help her remember. She’s not sure she can relive that night.

Nicole makes an impassioned plea to Allie on Days of Our Lives

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Sarah enters Xander’s office at Titan and gets updated on Charlie’s arrest and the end of Philip’s money laundering scheme. Xander draws Sarah in close as he recalls telling Philip how she was playing him for intel. Sarah delights in imagining Philip’s terror over Victor finding out what he’s done. Xander says he’s up against something much scarier than Victor. When Sarah hears the mob could be after Philip now, she pulls out her phone to call the cops. She’s not about to tell her mother they got her step-son killed. Xander grabs the phone out of her hands and they debate whether or not they should try and save Philip. Sarah wins and calls Rafe. She needs him to come to Titan for a police matter.

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When Rafe arrives, Sarah tells him Philip needs police protection. She can’t get into details, but his life could be in danger. Without more information, there’s nothing Rafe can do. However, he does need to take Xander to the station for questioning about a kidnapping.

Charlie looks smugly at Tripp on Days of Our Lives

After finding Tripp in his apartment, Charlie starts to call the cops. Tripp stops him. He wants Charlie to admit that he drugged and held their mother against her will. Charlie denies it, along with raping Allie. He goes off about Ava loving Tripp best because he is Steve’s son. Tripp asks who Charlie’s dad is. Charlie explains his grandfather, Martino Vitali, hired Charlie’s dad to help bring Ava out of her depression when Tripp was taken away from her. However, Ava didn’t love Charlie, or his dad, and that’s why he went to live with him. His dad would bring him to visit Ava once in a while, but she never cared. Tripp is sorry Ava was so horrible to him. He knows what it’s like to feel unloved, but it doesn’t give him the right to hurt Allie. He thinks the best thing Charlie can do now is confess. Maybe if Charlie tells the cops what he just told Tripp, they’ll cut him a break. Charlie won’t tell the cops anything because he didn’t do anything wrong. Tripp warns that Rafe will find evidence against him and offers to go to the station with him.

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Steve tries to calm Ava down on Days of Our Lives

Steve visits Ava in her hospital room expecting to see Tripp, who is not there. Ava grows upset worrying Charlie got to him, but then remembers Charlie is in jail. Steve tells her he made bail. She tries to get out of bed to save her son. Steve calms Ava down. He promises Tripp is okay, but calls to check on his son anyway.

Tripp answers the phone to Steve, who worries about where he is. Tripp says he’s fine and will check on Ava soon. After he hangs up, Charlie orders his brother out of his apartment. Tripp warns he will find a way to clear his name and then Charlie will have to answer for what he did to both Ava and Allie.

Charlie destroys his apartment on Days of Our Lives

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Charlie paces after Tripp leaves. He flashes back to recent events and kicks his table in frustration. He pulls out his phone and leaves a desperate message for Claire to call him back.

Tripp visits Ava in the hospital. He tells her and Steve about his confrontation with Charlie, who denies ever being in London. Ava knows he was because she’s the one who sent him there. After she recounts the story, Steve and Tripp think they can prove opportunity and motive.

Steve watches as Tripp and Ava debate on Days of Our Lives

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