Gwen looking smug at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives
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Chad enters the DiMera living room as Abigail discovers Gwen is still in the house. Abby demands to know why the fired nanny is still there. Chad explains he wanted the kids to have a chance to say goodbye. Abigail says she’s going out, but when she gets back, Gwen better be gone for good.

Once alone, Gwen orders Chad to come up with a better excuse to ensure she stays put. Or else she’ll tell his wife they slept together. Chad won’t let a con artist like her come between him and his wife. Gwen scoffs. He calls her disgusting and leaves.

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Gwen taunts Chad on Days of Our Lives

Chad runs into Kate and Jake in Horton Square. Chad needs to talk to Kate, so Jake gives them time alone. Chad tells Kate he screwed up and he doesn’t know how to fix it. He explains about sleeping with Gwen, who is now blackmailing him. He can’t believe he let himself get taken in by her. Kate advises Chad tell Abigail the truth before Gwen does.

Chad faces Kate and Jake in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

When Jake returns to the mansion, he yells at Gwen for causing Abigail so much distress. Gwen shouts back that she doesn’t care how Abigail feels. Jake is stunned, realizing Gwen has been out to get Abigail and her family this whole time. Jake warns she overplayed her hand and walks out of the room. Gwen says to herself that she still has a few cards to play.

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Jake and Gwen face-off on Days of Our Lives

Julie rushes out of her house after Jack and Jennifer tell her about Jules and Carver. Abigail shows up and exchanges Gwen stories with her parents. Jennifer declares that Gwen has to hit the road, the sooner the better. After realizing Gwen planted Jack’s letter to Kate for her to find, Abigail says whatever Gwen is up to goes beyond her and Chad. Gwen is out to get the whole family.

Abigail returns to Gwen, accusing her of setting her up during her parents’ anniversary party. Gwen confirms and then adds one more dose of truth — she slept with Chad on New Year’s Eve.

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Jack, Jennifer and Abby compare notes on Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Lani dreams that Eli brings their babies home, but they turn out to be dolls. She startles awake. Eli tries to reassure her, but Lani cries. This is her worst fear. He holds her as she sobs that she can’t do this again. Eli wants them to think like cops as they muse on motives for the kidnapping. Lani suggests the kidnapper was just desperate for a baby. Eli, on the other hand, thinks it could be someone who wants revenge on them. Maybe, someone they arrested. Lani rejects that theory because she needs the kidnapper to be someone who will care for their children.

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Eli holds Lani in bed as she cries on Days of Our Lives

After getting dressed, Eli and Lani make calls looking for answers. Julie arrives. She brought soup for them and asks if they have any suspects. Lani thinks it could be Vivian avenging Stefan’s death, but Eli reminds her Vivian is dead. Julie suspects Gabi is the culprit, but Eli doesn’t believe it. Julie calls Will and learns Gabi was in Arizona with Arianna all night. Julie has one more thought — if the kidnapper is white, it’d be hard to be on the run with two babies of another race. When Julie goes to check on the soup, Lani whispers for Eli to get his grandmother out of there. After he ushers her out, Eli apologizes for Julie making things worse. Lani just wishes the kidnapper was Gabi because then she’d know their babies were safe. She worries they’ll never see them again.

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Adrienne and Justin talk over breakfast on Days of Our Lives

Justin reads an online report about Eli and Lani’s twins at the Brady Pub. Bonnie walks in. She’s looking forward to dinner later. Justin is happy to hear it, but he’s distracted. However, he invites her to sit down for breakfast. She quickly accepts, delighted to have two meals with him in one day. He tells her about Carver and Julia. Bonnie brings up the woman she ran into in the Square, who just so happened to have twins. After Justin quizzes Bonnie about her encounter, he calls Eli to tell him Bonnie may have seen the kidnapper.

Dr. Raynor tries to quiet down a crying Jules and Carver in a motel room. There’s a knock at the door. When Raynor opens it, she says, “It’s about time. These babies are more than ready to get out of here.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gwen drops cryptic hints and Val and Lani recognize the kidnapper.

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