Ben warns Charlie on Days of Our Lives
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Lani and Eli pack her things in her hospital room, ready to take the babies home. Val enters, gushing about the grandbabies she was just visiting in the nursery. The new parents tell her they named their kids after Abe and Julie. Val’s smile fades when she hears they chose Julie’s name over hers, but ultimately understands. She gives them a breast pump as a gift and then leaves for the pub to get them a bunch of food to put in the freezer.

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Valerie brings Eli and Lani a baby gift on Days of Our Lives

Val runs into Abe at Brady’s Pub. They chuckle over having the same idea about getting their kids food for the weeks ahead. She reveals her dismay over Eli and Lani naming their daughter over Julie, who was so horrible to Lani. Abe thinks Julie’s tried hard to change. Roman enters as Val steps away to take a call. They sit at a table as Roman shares his anger over what Tripp did to Allie. Roman also fills his friend in on Steve’s theory about the real rapist.

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Eli and Lani kiss at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

While waiting for the nurse to bring them their children, Eli reassures a nervous Lani that even if they mess up, which they will, their kids will forgive them. He then gives Lani a locket with the babies’ photos in it. She loves it and will never take it off. Lani remembers thinking she’d never see Eli again when she was in the convent. But now, they have two babies. Eli recounts all their drama, but says they made it through because they love each other. She tells him she never stopped loving him. Eli responds that he will always make sure she and the babies always feel safe and loved. They head out to the nursery to take their babies home, as someone, who is not them, picks Julia up in the nursery.

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Rafe makes a call as a scared Ava clings to him on Days of Our Lives

Rafe bursts into Charlie’s apartment and finds Ava tied to the chair on the floor. She cowers from Rafe as he frees her, still thinking he’s Charlie. He calmly talks to her until she realizes who he is. However, she still believes Charlie killed Tripp, pointing to the bloodstain that isn’t there. Rafe calls an ambulance, as she clings to him.

Kayla discovers her new patient at the hospital is Ava, who is restrained to the bed. Agitated, Ava tells Kayla Tripp is dead, but Kayla doesn’t believe her. Kayla rushes out to get her a new doctor and order a toxicology screen.

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Ava cowers from Kayla at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Kayla runs into Rafe near the hospital elevators. As they compare notes about Ava, Rafe tells her John believes Claire’s boyfriend, Charlie, is Allie’s rapist. Kayla wonders why Ava would be tied up in his apartment. Rafe doesn’t know, but goes back to Charlie’s place to look for answers.

Back in Ava’s room, Kayla explains she doesn’t want to be there, but the other doctor is busy right now. She tries to draw Ava’s blood to test, but the patient freaks out at the site of a needle. Increasingly upset, Ava says her son tried to kill her. Kayla insists Tripp loves Ava and would never try to harm her. Ava stuns the doc by saying she’s not talking about Tripp, she means her other son, Charlie.

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Ben and Marlena head to Shawn and Belle’s to look for Claire, but she’s not in the living room. Marlena can’t give Ben her reasons for worrying about Claire being with Charlie, but it doesn’t matter to Ben. He vows to help her no matter what because he trusts her instincts. Marlena spots Claire’s phone on the couch. They split up to check the house.

Claire defends Charlie to Ben on Days of Our Lives

Ben enters Claire’s bedroom and finds her kissing Charlie on her bed. He shouts, “Get away from her!” Claire throws a robe on as she demands Ben get out of her house. Ben orders Charlie to button his shirt and tells Claire he’s not going anywhere. Neither is her grandmother, who is in the other room. Claire leaves the room to talk to Marlena. When Charlie tries to follow her, Ben stops him. He gets in “Chuck’s” face. Claire’s grandparents don’t want him anywhere near her. Ben instructs Charlie to follow him out the back way so he doesn’t interrupt their conversation.

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Claire enters the living room to a relieved Marlena, who tells her Tripp might not be guilty of raping Allie. When Claire points out his DNA matches Henry’s, Marlena explains it could have been a relative of Tripp’s. Claire wonders what that has to do with Charlie. She adds, “I don’t know why you have a problem with Charlie, but if you say I have to go home with you, then I will.” She wants to explain to Charlie why she’s leaving, but Ben tells her the guy already left.

Charlie arrives home and assumes his mom escaped. He first wonders if she went to the police, but realizes Ben never would have let him leave if Ava told everyone the truth. Recalling that Ava was drugged, he concludes that all he has to do is convince Claire — and everybody else — not to believe a word his mom says. “The most important thing is that I can’t lose Claire,” he mutters before grabbing his coat and heading for the door… only to find Rafe standing on the other side.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kristen confronts Brady, and Eli and Lani are devastated.

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