Steve, John, and Angelo on Days of Our Lives
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After Allie recoils from hearing Charlie say “Arrivederci” at Julie’s Place, she leaves. Claire wonders what that was all about. Charlie brushes it aside as they talk about the two of them. They try to come up with a date idea and she suggests they just chill at his place. Charlie says his place is too much of a mess and suggests they go to her place instead. She thinks that’s a great idea because her parents are on their honeymoon.

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Kayla visits Marlena in her office. She relays Steve texted her — he and John landed in Philadelphia. Kayla apologizes for Steve taking John on this wild goose chase. Marlena points out Tripp has never changed his story. Neither has Allie. Hopefully their husbands can get to the truth. They talk about all the turmoil in Kayla’s life recently, including Ava’s return. Kayla can’t understand Ava’s disappearance. It’s like she vanished from the face of the earth.

Kayla leaves the office when Allie drops in. Allie tells Marlena how she was fine during lunch with Claire, but out of nowhere, she started thinking about the night she was raped. Marlena wonders if she was triggered. Allie explains Charlie showed up, but she doesn’t even know him. However, he does feel familiar, reminiscent of Tripp. She wonders if this is her life now, paranoid at every turn. Marlena assures Allie she’s handling this very well. She’s proud of her.

Roman and Tripp argue outside of Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

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Roman finds Tripp posting flyers about Ava’s disappearance outside Brady’s Pub. Roman orders him to take it down because it’d be best if Ava and her son left town. Tripp tries to defend himself, but Roman isn’t having it. Kayla walks up and stops Roman from yelling at Tripp. She tells her step-son to distribute his flyers. After Tripp walks away, she tells Roman Steve and John are investigating another suspect. Roman wonders if Kayla really believes Tripp is innocent. Kayla calls it unlikely, but possible.

As Tripp walks through the park, he runs into Allie.

Steve and John confront Angelo on Days of Our Lives

In Philadelphia, Steve and John find Ava’s cousin Angelo (played by Angelo Tiffe) eating at a restaurant outside. John point blank asks if Angelo raped his granddaughter. Angelo has no idea what he’s talking about and tells the men to leave him alone. Steve fills him in on Allie’s baby matching Tripp’s DNA and her claims of rape when she was in London. However, Tripp insists he didn’t do it, but a close relative could have. John demands to know when Angelo was last in London. He doesn’t remember, but he does know he didn’t rape anyone. Following more pressing from Black Patch, Angelo says he was in prison for two months when the rape occurred. After John gets confirmation on his claims, Steve asks if there is another male relative they don’t know about. Angelo says, “Maybe it was Ava’s other son.” She didn’t raise him, but his name is Charlie and he’s super smart, but an odd duck. Angelo doesn’t know where he is now. Steve presses for more info, but John lets Angelo go. He tells Steve he thinks he knows where Charlie is.

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Abby confronts Gwen on Days of Our Lives

In the DiMera mansion, Chad stammers, had he known Gwen was lying about Abigail and Jake’s affair, he never would have gotten drunk and spent the night at the Salem Inn. Abigail asks Gwen where she stayed last night. Gwen says she was with Chad, but she slept in a chair. Abigail orders the nanny to explain her lies. Gwen says she lied about Jake sleeping with Abigail because she was afraid Jake would hurt her if she spilled about him and Kate. Abigail doesn’t believe her, but Chad interjects he walked in on Jake threatening her. Abigail can’t believe her husband is buying this story. Abigail accuses Gwen of being after Chad this whole time. Gwen denies it, but Abigail knows she’s lying. Abigail rants about how Gwen could have just taken advantage of Chad while he was passed out in the hotel. She stops, realizing that’s probably what happened. Gwen offers to let Chad answer that one. “Did you feel taken advantage of, Chad?” she asks. Chad calmly tells his wife he was drunk, but Gwen didn’t take advantage of him. Abigail still wants Gwen to get out of their house — she’s fired.

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Gwen and Chad face off on Days of Our Lives

After Abigail storms out of the room, Chad yells at Gwen for tricking him. She spits back that it didn’t take much to feed into his doubts about Abigail. He tells Gwen it will crush Abigail if she finds out about them. He wants her to pack and get out. Gwen refuses. She orders Chad to convince Abigail to let her stay or else she’ll tell his wife he bedded her to ring in the New Year.

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