Eli and Lani show off their babies to Abe and Julie on Days of Our Lives
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Abe visits Lani and Eli at the hospital, where they’re happily holding their babies, but admit they haven’t yet settled on names. Abe asks if there are any names they aren’t considering. “I automatically vetoed any names that would prevent one of the babies from becoming a supreme court justice,” says Eli. So no Bambi, no Bubba and no flower names, such as Justice Pansy Grant. After booting Abe and a newly-arrived Julie, the parents get serious about names. “How about we name them after people they will always look up to?” suggests Lani. Soon after, she and Eli introduce Abe and Julie to their namesakes: Carver and Julia, whom they’ll call Jules.

Abe and Julie at the hospital nursery on Days of Our Lives

Ready to take the children home, Eli and Lani look forward to starting this next phase of their lives. Outside the nursery, Julie confides to Abe that she’s thrilled they’re calling the baby Jules. “For a while there, I thought it was going to be Big Julie, Little Julie,” she admits, “and believe me, I didn’t want to be Big Julie!” As they turn and walk away, it becomes clear that someone is watching the newborns through the nursery window…

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Tony and Anna toast to the New Year on Days of Our Lives

Jake wakes up alone in his big bed at the DiMera mansion, sad about the fact that he and Kate ended things the night before. Downstairs, Anna asks if Kate’s looking for Jake. Why does Anna think that? “Maybe because you’re doing the nasty with him,” teases Anna. Bristling, Kate suggests Anna mind her own damn business before storming out. Anna reminds Tony that Gwen specifically targeted Abigail’s family and Jack, arriving just in time to hear the tail end of her musings, asks what she’s talking about. Anna fills him in on Gwen’s cache of clippings, insisting the nanny has an agenda. Factoring this new information into what he now knows about the “advice” Gwen was doling out, Jack realizes that Anna is right when she calls Gwen “a two-faced, conniving little tramp.” Anna declares it’s time to find Gwen and run her outta town. Instead, Tony says it’s a DiMera problem and they should be the ones to handle it.

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Anna, Tony, and Jack compare notes at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

Crossing paths at Horton Square, Jennifer reluctantly asks if she can talk to Kate. Jennifer apologizes for her recent behavior, adding that she now knows Kate is sleeping with Jake, not Jack. Hearing why Kate and the mechanic have broken up, Jennifer suggests that perhaps the possibility of Chad finding out isn’t the real reason Kate wanted to keep the fling under wraps. “All my life,” says Kate, “I have wanted to be as powerful as a Victor, as a Stefano, but as a woman, I needed to tread carefully. Jake doesn’t understand that. But then again, why should he? He was born a DiMera.” She adds that Jake thinks she’s embarrassed by him. “Are you?” asks Jennifer.

Jennifer and Kate talk at Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Abby continues trying to reach her husband, who is passed out cold in Gwen’s bed. Seeing who is calling, Gwen says to herself, “Sorry, Abigail, your husband is sleeping at the moment. I must have really tired him out last night!” Hungover and full of regrets, Chad wakes up and realizes what happened between him and Gwen the night before. He blames the booze, and Gwen points out that he “never even would have looked at me if Abigail hadn’t betrayed him first.”

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Listening to Abby’s messages, Chad says she sounds scared… while Gwen, still playing her game, wonders if what he’s hearing is Abigail’s fear that he’s onto her. Saying he and Abby need to “have it out,” Chad heads back to the mansion. First, however, he apologizes for having taken advantage of Gwen. “I’m not a kid,” she insists. “I knew what I was doing.” Expressing sympathy for all he’s going through, Gwen then collapses onto the bed in a fit of self-satisfied laughter after he exits.

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Frustrated by her inability to contact Chad, Abigail swings by Jake’s room to catch him up on the fact that her husband not only still thinks they’re having an affair but didn’t come home the night before. When talk turns to his relationship, Jake admits he and Kate broke up. “I always look forward to being with her,” he admits. “Kate got a cheap thrill out of slumming. Lucky for her, I was available.” As Abigail turns to leave Jake’s room, Chad arrives, obviously assuming the worst when he finds his wife in the bedroom of a shirtless Jake. At the same time, Gwen arrives at the mansion to find Jack going through her collection of clippings about his family…

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