Anna and Abigail investigate on Days of Our Lives
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Tony and Anna kiss and toast at the stroke of midnight at the DiMera mansion. Abigail enters. She doesn’t know where Chad is and tells them he thinks she’s having an affair with Jake. She adds that it’s Kate who is sleeping with Jake. No one can understand why Chad is so jealous and would suspect such a thing. Anna suggests it’s Gwen, because the nanny is always trouble. Abigail defends her, but then remembers the first time she met her, Gwen was in Chad’s arms. Anna thinks Gwen has been manipulating her this whole time and suggests Abby search her room for proof. Abigail wants to talk to Chad instead, but he’s not answering his phone. Anna believes Gwen’s behind that too and leads Abigail away saying, “Operation Bad Nanny is a go.”

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As Anna and Abigail rummage through Gwen’s room, Anna finds newspaper clippings about Abby and her family. Anna declares Gwen has been stalking her… but why?

Anna returns to Tony downstairs to update him on what they found. She says, “Admit it. I was right.” He does and they kiss. Back upstairs, Abigail says she needs Chad and calls him again.

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Chad's at a loss on Days of Our Lives
At the Salem Inn, Gwen breaks away from Chad’s kiss because he’s drunk. He says he’s fine and moves in for more. She insists they won’t tell anyone or talk about what happened. Chad goes off on another rant about Abigail cheating on him with his brother. He thinks she’ll just blame it on her DID. He starts to cry wondering if her illness is all fake and if his sweet wife is a two-faced liar who is cheating on him. Chad says if Abigail is going to cheat on him, why can’t he cheat on her.

After more ranting and raving, he tearfully asks Gwen to make him forget. Gwen pretends she doesn’t want to hurt Abigail, but Chad reminds her of what Jake did to her. She talks about how much Jake hurt her, so Chad suggests they hurt them back. They kiss. She asks if this is what he really wants. He says, “Please, just make me forget.” They kiss some more and fall back on the bed.

As Chad lies naked passed out in bed, Gwen sits next to him with nothing but the covers pulled up over her. She raises a glass of champagne and says to herself, “Well done Gwen.” She thought it would have been harder to get Chad into bed, but it turns out Chad had less faith in Abigail than she thought. She remarks that he betrayed Abigail and there are only so many betrayals a marriage can take. When she gets out of bed, Gwen sees Abby’s incoming call and says, “Sorry Abigail. Your husband is otherwise engaged, which you’ll find out about soon enough.”

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Gwen drinks champagne while Chad's passed out in bed on Days of Our Lives

As fireworks go off over the terrace at the party, Jake tells Kate Abigail knows about them. She worries Chad will hate her, but Jake yells that they shouldn’t have to sneak around. Chad should be happy for her if she’s happy. Teary-eyed, he says he likes what they have. He’s proud of it and wants the whole damn world to know. “Why is that such a problem,” Jake asks. When she says it’s complicated, he asks if she’s ashamed of him. Kate insists she’s not, but he doesn’t believe her. He hopes she enjoyed their kiss because it was their last.

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Jake and Kate ring in New Year under fireworks on Days of Our Lives

Inside the party, Brady tells Chloe he’s heading home. He was grateful to be able to ring in the New Year with his friend. She reciprocates the sentiment and stays to finish her drink. As Brady exits, Philip leaves a message for Ava about their money laundering and then runs into Chloe. She asks, “Who are you laundering money for?” He asks her to forget what she heard, but she can’t. She encourages him to confide in her. He whispers the truth to her, including Xander trying to expose him. Chloe learns Philip was only using Sarah to make Xander act out. She’s happy that was just a ruse. Chloe asks how she can help him. Philip responds that she can’t and that she needs to forget everything he told her.

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Chloe and Philip at New Year's Eve party on Days of Our Lives

Jennifer and Jack cuddle on the couch at Doug and Julie’s place. As they discuss their reunion, Jennifer tells Jack about Gwen saying how hard it is to trust someone after they’ve cheated. Surprised, Jack says Gwen told him she encouraged Jennifer to forgive him. Jennifer insists that’s not true, leaving them both confused. Jack will talk to Gwen, but for now, he wants to focus on the New Year, which will hopefully give them and everyone they love peace and hope. Jennifer just wants to be alone with him now. He whispers something in her ear and they scamper upstairs.

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